It Doesn’t Take a Genius: iPhone vs. Samsung S3 Android, a Snappy Comeback/Slap in the Face

Recently our trusty Android’s from Samsung took a rather nasty legal hit (read HERE; by the makers of iPhone in the legal department. Although they may have to pay 1.049 billion in damages, something tells me Samsung will make it back quickly with this advertisement;

Ouch! Apple ‘Geniuses’ beware. Droid has it out for you. Besides, the full specs on the S3 in that ad make iPhone look second par. And it is. Unknown to many users of the tech trendy iPhone, Droid’s are the number phone in the good ol USA.

As far as advertising, I’m wondering how iPhone will strike back. I’m sure Siri is plotting revenge as we speak.

What do you use?

One comment

  • My Android had issues out of the box. I have owned it for less that two months.
    I was at the T-Mobile store earlier today. The phone is in warranty and defective. I have owned the phone for two months. I have to pay $20 to get a replacement that is a factory reconditioned one instead of a new one. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my contract with T-Mobile.