New Music with Ivy Levan; Mix Her Holy Hotness, a dash of Rockabilly Rocker and Add Sass

Ivy Levan has got the goods.

Her background started as a holy hell raiser in church choir, moved into the world of mega modeling and then mixed the two for a righteous rock career.

I have to say this girl is a winner.

If you love a little something country, a whole lotta rock n roll and a sexy vixen she’s your girl. Lana Del Rey better watch her sexy siren status cause Ivy Levan is coming to steal it and can even rock to boot. Not to mention her style is slick sexy. Me-ow.

She’s got something for girls and boys too. Check out this hot video ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ with new and delish dish singer, Ivy Levan.

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