“Trend is something you chase; style is what creates trend. Find your personal style” ~Me
Fashion never really leaves you. From playing dress up as a child to adulthood, every day is about what and who you will wear. I found my personal style, and love for fashion young at festivals. I began to not only dress myself, but others around the age of 7. It grew into an obsession by 16. As an adult I have made sure my business experience has ranged from accounting to working in as a personal assistant to General Counsel. At the age of 28, I found myself lacking interest in what I was doing. I decided to make my passion my profession, working in the fashion industry no matter what it took. I reoriented my career and life. Since then I worked in for fashion for 15 years as; Creative Director, Fashion Editor, Fashion Stylist for Red Carpet and Editorial, Public Speaker, Event Organizer, Runway Show co-Director, Jewelry Designer, Blogger, Copywriter, and more.
My love for fashion continues, and I hope to make it yours as well.

Heathyr’s personal interests include reading, sociology, culture, language, semiotics, current affairs, research, tech, reading and physical activities such as hiking, writing, gardening, linguistics, and horseback riding. Her love for traveling has taken her to 13 countries and every state in the US except Alaska. Adapting to national and international travel, she has learned French, Spanish Norwegian/Swedish and various other languages.

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