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Gumball 3000 finale, Gumming Up Traffic.

As I took my walk west down Hollywood blvd chatting on my phone I noticed, traffic was crap as usual. Seem’s they had closed Hollywood blvd (again), for an event as a local, I don’t care about (again).

I saw a few banners advertising the ‘Gumball 3000’ auto show and yawned for dramatic effect.

It wasn’t until my daily walk that I noticed THIS insanity.

That was Franklin ave. by Runyon. As I descended to Hollywood blvd on my home stretch it got worse.

As I walked up Hollywood blvd. from Fresh n’ Easy it was gridlocked at La Brea and as far west as Camino Palermo give or take a few blocks.

Yes even the LAPD could not get out of their car to beat me up for taking a picture of them. Traffic was THAT bad.

Why would an auto show/car rally much up traffic and Hollywood Blvd.? This is no big movie premiere.

The reason why? This guy got bored. (frigging Millionaires).

  • Maximillion Cooper

    Gumball Founder and CEO

    Maximillion Cooper (born 1972) is a British racing driver, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

    And Decided to include a whole bunch of nobodies

  • Estevan Oriol


    Estevan Oriol has been involved with the hip hop community since the 80s

  • Bun B

    Legendary UGK Rapper

    Bun B is an American Hip Hop artist hailing from Texas.

  • Johan ‘Yo’ Esbensen

    Founder of Rogue Status

    Johan Esbensen better known as Yo, is one of the founding members of the hugely successful streetwear label Rogue Status. Starting the brand…

  • Mike Malbon

    Founder of Frank151

    Mike Malbon Mike is the main man behind Frank 151 magazine. With readership including the likes of Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Mos Def…

    And then grabbed some D Listers

  • DJ Muggs

    Cypress Hill DJ

    DJ Muggs  is a founder member of Cypress Hill – the Californian hip hop group who to date have sold in excess of 18 million albums.

  • Caprice

    Lingerie Model and Business Woman

    Caprice is an American lingerie model, actress, television personality and business woman.

  • Ryan Dunn

    TV personality and Daredevil

    Ryan Dunn was an American reality television personality best known for his appearances on Jackass, MTV’s Viva La Bam and Homewrecker. A mem…

  • Mario

    R&B Star

    Mario is an American R&B singer, actor and model.

  • Jodie Kidd

    International Supermodel

    Jodie Kidd is an international supermodel and TV personality. Jodie has graced the covers of Elle, Vogue and The Face as well as modeling

Justin Timberlake is Marrying Jessica Biel, yeah whatever.

Well, I have heard it through the Huffington Post so it must be real.

Mind you this is the guy who fake doinked (or did he?) Mila Kunis and dated in no particular order; Fergie, Britney Spears, Jenna Dewan, Alyssa Milano, and Cameron Diaz, when they were all hot and not tragic and looked like this.

Justin Timberlake is trading that…and this.

For this.

Marriage to Jessica Biehl who he proposed to in January 2012.

Doesn’t he look psychotically happy kittens? Seeing as he’s cheated on her 3-4 times I am sure this will go well.  Don’t you think so? I can’t wait for the media circus that will be their wedding.

Seriously I do wish them the best and good luck too.

Chances are, they may need it.

Getting Your Platform On – Brian Atwood shoes

I love a platform shoe as much as I love my own mother. Seeing as I adore my mother, this is a testament to my adoration of anything that makes me ‘taller’ and elongates my sexy dancers legs. I am also hideously deformed in the fashion world at 5’2 and am seriously considering plastic surgery for my ‘shortness’.

Or the next best thing. The Brian Atwood platform shoe.

The too gorgeous in nude, ‘Alesha’ platform heel

I found his collection quite by accident on the ever lovely and am happy to say that not only am I a convert, but have been saved from the AWFUL knee extension plastic surgery I have been contemplating (seriously, ow).

Brian Atwood has brought the platform back and re-sculpted it so it’s not ankle breaking and wearable. If the ‘basic’ shoe is not your bag, his shoes transcend the norm and come in color.

And an open toe block heel, because walking around any city become unstable and it’s easier to ride the train in these.

Brian Atwood also has a flair for the dramatic in his shoes, and although it is a smaller platform I would buy it anyway. The almost art nouveau look just makes it worth it.

Yes, please!!

So sexy. Overall I am hooked like the shoe whore I am and have officially labeled his collection #shoeporn.

Next in my collection for red carpet fun…his platform noir artistique, the ‘Monster’ shoe! This was made for me.

Who wants some?

Brian Atwood shoe’s are available at Saks and of course Bergdorf’s. Happy platform hunting darlings. Let’s make it count!

Also more on the fab, gorg and sexy Brian Atwood here:

Electric Blue Nail French Fab, With a Little Help From Orly

I have recently gone from Sephora freak to Ulta convert. Partially because you don’t have an overly done make up queen asking you if you need help every five seconds.  I appreciate Sephora, and it is my first love, but I recently saw Ulta toting my new summer nail crush.

Orly French FX Kit


Every girl knows getting a french Mani is best done by the awesome Korean ladies down the street. Without them most of us girls would be wandering the streets and clubs picking bad nail polish off and flicking the chips in our drinks and at strangers. It’s ugly, but true.

Now they have everything packaged and ready to go for ladies who want it all and don’t want blah nude nails. In electric silver and blue. Boring nails be damned I am straight up going out and buying this. All the little overdone girls from WeHo will quiver at the mightiness of my French mani. And it will be blue…er, and silver!

What’s inside?

 Each kit includes two nail lacquers, plus Top 2 Bottom Basecoat & Topcoat All In One and complete manicure instructions.

I’m a girl about town and a mover and shaker so I will try anything once. Plus it’s for the good of women kind. At $15 the price is right.

And if it even comes out looking like this…

I’ve conquered normality and brought a little extra freaky into the Fashion scene. Off to Ulta to give my new obsession a try!

Happy shopping my blue babies. link below!

True Blood Will Proceed to Consume You In 3…2…1…

(Happily stolen from the genius known as George Takei)

Oh yes. Our favorite ign’nint, blond, fairy (WTF?!) southern waitress and crew are about to come back into our lives. Sookie will continue to be ‘Fuckin’ Sookeh’, Bill will be moody and lie, Eric will look sexy while he cheats the vampire community and ‘loves’ Sookeh and Lafayette will turn into a possessed demon, bitch medium, shaman….well bitch.

Not to mention some surprises the writers have like Russell Edginton, who is by far my favorite antagonist. Also he was REALLY messed up in ‘American Horror Story’.

Tune in on your flatscreen for the mayhem on JUNE, 10th for fangbangin’ fuckery!

I’ll be streaming this and screaming at my TV like the rest of you.

David Beckham Shoots Cover for Elle UK, NUMMY! Cover Revealed!

David Beckham get’s to rock the cover for Elle UK, the shoot, him in LA, half-naked in pool. #perfection!

Click the linky below for a full video of the shoot. Seem’s he has a thing or two to say about fashion as well. Seem’s the wifey had rubbed off on him.

Memorial Day, Honor Our Fallen Who Fought for YOUR Freedom – President Obama Commemorates Memorial Day at Arlington

I may be a PT bitch, but I am not heartless.

I want to take a moment today to honor our fallen, our troops and our veterans. I lived with a veteran, lost friends to this war and known people who have gone to fight in this madness.

As you stuff your face, drink beer and party in this lovely summer sun remember there are those who don’t. Take 10 minutes to watch this, and remember as they say in ‘Team America’, freedom isn’t free.

A moment of silence for those we lost.

President Obama Commemorates Memorial Day

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