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2012 in review at #Thankyou #ReadersRule

I just got my stats sheet from thsi year and wanted to thank all you of you crazy, fun sick and wild readers out there. Without you, this blog is nothing.

Look for more fun in 2013 as I return with Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment and of course a full functioning website.

Here’s what the stats monkey got me for Christmas


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Kanye’s Crystal Mask by Maison Martin Margiela. & Other Fashion Faux Pas #Concert #Costume #WTF

So many music performer’s today want to bring an intense shock value to the stage. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even Justin Bieber tries to up the fashion freak. Many times it work and other times it’s just a fashion faux pas.

Enter Kanye.

In recent shows Kanye has preferred kilt to pants and wearing 3x shirts with shutter shades. Hey, even made them a thing. Now, Kanye is just grasping. His newest ‘rock the shocker’ outfit showed up on his current tour and we just don’t know what the HELL he was thinking.


He was thinking he is fashionable. The mask is made by Maison Martin Margiela. And it is a couture piece.  And it was a FAIL.

This looks good on the runway but Kanye in this masque is just…..wrong. This could have been passable. But no.

Later, after a minor costume change he came out with this crazed feather thing on his head.


Oh Kanye. I get it. You have to get bigger and badder or people won’t pay attention but THIS, is not working for ya. Time to rethink the image hunny and get back to basics.
I love Kanye’s music but him as Lady Gaga, it’s just not meant to be.

New Year’s Eve at Perch Rooftop Bar in Downtown LA Speakeasy. #OpenBar #TopShelf #HorsDoueveres #ScotchTasting #CigarRolling

Every year it’s a whole lotta, “What the hell am I doing for New Years?!!”, in Los Angeles. Mansion Party or House Party? Bar or Restaurant? Swank or Dive Bar? I have the answer to all of that.

Welcome to Perch LA’s New Years Eve. And little ole me is helping host this with the gorgeous Jenn Robyn Laskey and Jin Yu!

This NYE get off your cute bootie and come see me.

Make this holiday tres elegant with a special event that includes an open bar, cigars, scotch, oysters, Kobe beef sliders and you and your date treated A-List style all night long in a 1920’s Great Gatsby Speakeasy!normalflyeredit

Yes! This is everything you have been looking for. There is:
Djs, LIVE Bands, Burlesque and Cabaret at PERCH and the 360 degree views on the 16th Floor Rooftop Deck.

– The GRAND OPENING of the 13th Floor Speakeasy Lounge (Think a Vintage French Inspired version of The Sayers Club)

The 13th Floor? On New Years? Sounds Dangerous….I LOVE it!


FULL Complimentary Premium Bar (Grey Goose level brands+)

FULL Complimentary Premium Hors D’oeuvres (Kobe Beef Sliders, Oysters+)

Complimentary Cigar Rolling Stations and Scotch Tastings

Burlesque and Cabaret by the Bella Donnas








Dj Brazilia who is gorgeous and talented

Copy of DJ Brazilia 06









There is a midnight balloon drop too!

I’m excited to partake of this awesome ringing in of the New Year. For 1 ticket I get free booze, cigars, entertainment, a world class DJ, Burlesque (everyone loves classy broads with boobs), scotch and balloons.

REMEMBER; Jackets, Flappers & Vintage Preferred. This after all a costume Great Gatsby Affair. Not required, but preferred.

Enter Promo Code: “JL” for discounted tickets of $125 ($150 for everyone else). On New Years Eve day the pricing becomes $175!!!!! YIKES!! Order now kittens! Feel free to contact Jennifer Robyn Laskey with any questions. She’s awesome and on it.

She can be reached at :

Table packages Available.

++To learn more about this breathtaking venue::

‘Meggings’, Things to Leave Behind in 2012 #Fashion #Men #Why

You made me not Belieb

You made me not Belieb

I think the picture above says it all.

‘Meggings’ or man leggings are one trend we would LOVE to see die in 2012. I remember a ton of hair rockers wearing them in the 80’s. The premise was being ‘over the top’ or ridiculous. And it worked. Now meggings have resurfaced, but this time they are considered a fashion statement. (God save us)

According to meggings are sold at some of the top luxury brand stores and are going international;

(In the US) Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are selling tights for men.

The bad news is they are on their way to Britain: Uniqlo is already selling them on its British website, and their success in New York is seen as an indication they will also prove popular here. (the UK)

Perhaps some of my skinnier-than-thou gays could work that style, or a REALLY hot metro sexual man. GQ boys can get away with anything.

Man leggings….meggings? I think there is a line you can cross with good taste and this it.

Russell Brand wore them but did it as a joke. Ya know, that funny ha-ha thing. And Justin Bieber has the fashion sense of a Disney kid. Ergo, what ever wardrobe gives him he wears. The Telegraph UK sites Lenny Kravitz wearing them, however he reeks of sex. He can pull of anything.

I hope to say good-bye to meggings this new years. Perhaps I will burn one in effigy and pray to the gods. Lets let meggings die in 2012 and skinny jeans reign free.

What do you think of the ‘Meggings’ trend. Do or die? Live or try?

What to do on New Years Even in Los Angeles? Party with Me! #WeHo #SunsetBlvd #Falcon #Me

Photo Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Photo Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Every year I have a crisis on what to d, where to go and how to dress. This year I have the dress, the shoes, hair but what about a kick ass venue and money. Well I believe on keeping it cheap and fly. Makes more money for drinks available. It also means everyone I know has a good time because I am hilarious when I am drunk.

This years venue came to me magically. Kind of like, if the Gillette sensor centaur handed you a margarita in Cabo.

This years New Year’s Eve party includes; DJs, Bands, Fashionisatas, Artists, possible pot luckery, a fab venue and my people, of course. The best part? It’s $10 at the door and there is VALET! Did I mention its one of the few venues on NYE open until 4am?

Jeebus it’s so amazing it sounds unreal right? Well its 1000% for real and happening at Falcon Restaurant on West Sunset Boulevard.

How do I get in?! Where do I go? Here’s the details. Let’s party the night away together and ring in a fabulous 2013;


Enough awesome people agreed there needed to be a local, inexpensive & FUN celebration and here it is!!! Only $10 which is AMAZING for New Years in Hollywood. And we’re going until 4 AM!! Valet Parking Available.

Kevin Venable
Shannon Jensen
Michael Simpson
Theo Harper
(& more)

Performances by
Night Club –
Juliette Angeli –

Late Night Dance Contests
Would you like to DJ, dance, perform magic, bring food, do standup or tell a story during the night? Bring it!!

Get Directions at;

It all started here:

Tiger Blood and Super Liar join Forces for Scary Movie 5 (Trailer)

The only reason I want to see this is because it may be Lindsay Lohan’s last movie. Kind of like a post-mortem thing. Or maybe on the bright side it will be the last movie before she goes to jail. Either way I want to see the INCREDIBAD acting skills of Lilo as she tries to act like she gives a f**k about acting.

And being with Charlie Sheen.

I still don’t know why she refused to kiss our favorite crack wizard. Perhaps she was afraid she might get healthy. After all, Sheen must be doing something pretty amazing to stay alive this long. Or perhaps her lips have just gone numb after years of sucking on a meth pipe. Either way she’d be lucky cause no one else would touch her, even, under contract.

Back to Scary Movie 5.

I am loving the cheese, humor, mocking and slapstick of this Scary Movie, so enjoy this. Happy holidays. I hope this makes you giggle like it did me;

Tyler Perry Gave Kim Kardashian a J-O-B. World Ends.


As we all rest well tonight on the lovely Christmas eve at least one person tonight will have nightmares, and it will be me. Let me explain.

People suffer through a special kind of hell everyday. Often it’s brought on by simple things. Bad Dressers, Bad make up the MAC girl sold you, Cholas with sharpie eyebrows, PR girls on their blackberrys, the party guy who won’t stop talking about himself, having to stare at Anne Hathaway’s landing strip, long waits for the bathroom in the mall, mysterious fan boys/girls who won’t stop IM’ing you. All these things make us irritable. Ok, ME irritable.

This time the annoyance is bigger than you or I. In fact it’s so big, it’s the size of Kim Kardashian’s booty! And Kim Kardashian is attached to it.


In fact if this were all about making fun of Kim’s booty I would not be the least bit annoyed. But instead it’s about a Tyler Perry movie. And Kim Kardashian is in it. And it looks REALLY, REALLY bad. And Kim’s in it.

Below is the trailer to torture your retinas with.

Ask yourself do you really want to watch this?


Uhhhh I dunno

First because it’s Tyler Perry and second cause it’s got Kim reading lines off cue cards in it. Frankly it looks like a Hallmark/Lifetime movie of the hour.

T-R-Y and enjoy. Or laugh really hard like I did. (Oh and Merry Christmas Eve kittens! Happy Holidays!!)

Santa arrested in Austin, TX for Giving out Sidewalk Chalk to Children #OccupySanta? #OccupyTexas

It seem’s no matter how nice you go about it, saying eff you to the man is still a reason to assault innocent protesters  How innocent are we talking? This year Austin, TX arrested…SANTA!!


This year Occupy protesters wanted to share good will and do something nice for the children.

Yesterday, Occupy Austin participant James Peterson decided to head down to the Capitol Building and hand out colored chalk to children to celebrate the holidays in a fun, non-violent way. The kids of course LOVED it. They drew things like ‘PEACE” and “JOY’ and ‘SANTA’ . So CUTE!


Because this is highly illegal (sidewalk chalk baaaaad)3 DPS cops ran down Santa and his helpers. They then threw him to the ground, face down, and arrested him.


To add insult and destroy the Christmas spirit for the kids, they also stripped of his Santa suit against a police car and 4 cops frisked him. In public.


Way to go Austin Police Department. This year you won’t JUST be getting coal in your stocking, but dog poo as well. Do you know how much your children hate you right now? Expect an emancipation order in your stocking when they hit 18.

Didn’t they watch ‘Miracle on 34th street’? Everyone knows you don’t mess with Santa!

Here’s hoping they are kind to him, drop charges and set him free ASAP. We’re rooting for you James Peterson, and Santa is too!

See the full gallery at the HERE;

Facebook Plans to turn into Myspace. Adding Video Adverts to YOUR Timeline in 2013#hellno #FAIL

Facebook Logo 15








Ah Facebook. It’s the worlds worst catch 22.

Your effed if you don’t have it; People now use it for celebs, deals, contests, promotion and establishing social existence. Meeting others in an overpopulated world. Keeping tabs on your SO (significant other). Staying in touch long distance. Meeting new business contacts.

Your are effed if you do have it; Unmanageable, trite, childish, your mom’s on it, time waster. Relationship killer and an easy way to get fired. Fake accounts, spam bots and now, video ads in your timeline in 2013.

What the hell Zuckerberg? Yes it’s true. According to our lovely geeks at;

Facebook plans to unveil 15-second video ads by April within both mobile and desktop news feeds, several advertising executives tell Ad Age. The ads will start playing automatically, according to two of the executives, and Facebook has reportedly not decided whether to mute audio from the ads.

Ad Age reports that the commercials will even expand beyond the middle web page section that normally contains the news feed, taking over the left and right rails of the page as well.

Facebook declined to comment.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for continually turning this into Friendster/Myspace. Soon everyone will be canceling accounts and officially ‘quitting this shit’. Including me. Facebook’s site is starting to look like AOL in the 90s. Oh the emoticons, nice touch. That killed it.

In the meantime we suffer well. What do you think of recent Facebook changes?

Anonymous to Build Human Shield to Protect Sandy Hook Victims Families


Say what you will about the mysterious rebel hacker group ‘Anonymous’ but NEVER say they don’t care about ‘the people’. Here is why I love them.

It seems nothing is sacred to the Westboro Baptist Church. First they attack Gay Rights by creating Then on their picket schedule they will be the Newton, CT massacre funeral of the Principal Dawn Bogdan. Why? Simply because Connecticut supports gay marriage.

I got this lovely screenshot from their picket schedule on, which BTW made me sick to my stomach;

Westboro Baptist Church Picket Schedule-151858

As the victims families of the horrific Newton, CT shooting which claimed almost 30 lives, try to mourn their loss, it seems that Westboro Baptist Church will be outside picketing AGAIN.

Enter Anonymous.

Anonymous will be standing tall, creating a human wall to barricade the Sandy Hook shooting victims families against the Westboro picketers. They have organized to protect and honor these people. I guess we do have real superheroes. In the past they have also hacked the Westboro Baptist Church twitter. Through research I found out the Government is giving them smack down as well.

Congress passed a bill in August that says,

protesters must be at least 300 feet from military funerals from two hours before they start until two hours after they end

That’s YOU Westboro. This was specifically drafted because of their protests at funerals. Hate like this, will not be tolerated.

Westboro Baptist Church. I hope Anonymous not only stops you, but takes you down. You’ve just made a powerful enemies with Government, Anonymous and ME, the press.

My heart goes out to the families of the shooting. May they mourn in peace.

Lindsay Lohan Available for Weddings/Bar Mitzvahs?! #YourEvent #hellno









My favorite poster girl for AA has become a commodity and is selling her soul…I mean herself….I mean is AVAILABLE for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

According to new news surfacing on the her management,, says she available for your party now!

Check out this screenshot;


Who knew Lindsay is a fashion designer and recording artist. I thought she was Miss body shots 2012. I have much to learn about our redheaded friend. I would think Lindsay at a wedding would be an awesome ear bleeding wedding singer. Maybe she could recite Hebrew at your Bar mitzvah wearing a prison issued yarmulke. Garsh that sounds like fun.

I guess with a huge debt to the IRS and a storage locker full of stuff she hasn’t paid for she NEEDS the money. Oh that, and her 12 packs a day cigarette habit she washes down with booze and meth.

Will you be booking Lilo for your next event? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Kardashian Christmas Card #whitechristmas


Never let it be said they Kardashians are not close. Maybe they don’t all love each other but this takes a HUGE amount of combined effort to put on a Christmas card like this. I mean this public display of celebrity is over the top! Go mama Kris.

A few things I would like to point out;
1) Silver and white. With champagne glasses. Soooooo, that means it’s actually a New Year’s Eve card? I say that as an awkward question because the card is making me feel awkward. And not Christmas-y.
2) Kris and Bruce are REALLY far apart. Is this a result of their not so happy marriage? Inquiring minds want to know!
3) Kim is has no boyfriend in this!! My god what will Kanye think? More importantly what will his ego say?
4)Kim’s dead kitten ‘Mercy’ is sitting in the box. Is she the ghost of Christmas past? Wouldn’t it have been smarter to photoshop her out. It’s making me sad.

Supposedly Lamar and Khloe couldn’t make it and were photshopped in. Why couldn’t they remove a dead kitten. And Scott Disick (hate him). Ugh.

There you have it folks. Love them or hate them the Kardashian’s wish you a Merry Christmas. Here’s hoping we all have a ‘White Christmas  and very merry New Year with our families.

Romeo Beckham Does Burberry – Editorial Video

Tis the season for Fashion Editorial video’s and our Fashion House today is Burberry. Stylish, classic chic with an amazing brand image. Who doesn’t think about that perfect plaid when Burberry is mentioned?

It also makes me think of trench’s and English tea. And how Victoria Beckham was banned from wearing Burberry a few years ago because it was ‘trashy, not classy’ on her.

Well payback is a bitch and we love it. The best revenge is living well and having gorgeous children. Right Victoria?

Not only did Victoria turn her life around BUT she married David Beckham and had kids.

Cute ones. So cute…..Romeo Beckham is now working as a model. And he just got his first job. Working FOR Burberry.

I love irony. It’s just wicked and funny. Also makes for great blogging!

All things said and done, Burberry and the Beckham’s mended things and are working together. So glad the Big B and the Big V aren’t in a bitch fight anymore.

Here are the shots Mario Testino took of the wee cheeky monkey thanks to;

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino© Copyright Burberry/Testino

Check out Romeo Beckham’s debut as a fashion model as the fabulous new face of the brand in this quick and sweet video ;

Lady Gaga’s Candid/Nude/Rope Bondage Photos Leaked from Japan #Nude #LadyGaga #S&M *Updated*

Over here at Heathyr I am a big fan of leaked pics. Especially nudes! Why? Because if it’s done properly it’s fashionable, artistic and eye opening. Or perhaps because it’s eye opening and sordid. Either way it’s a win!

About a year ago Lady Gaga got fierce and worked the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan in a meat dress with stunning results. PETA was horrified, the public was outraged, either by the misuse of meat or by the wasting of good steak.

g9 lady-gaga-nude-pics-1

Years later a BDSM, Shibari rope shoot are leaked. Why? Possibly for publicity. Maybe cause Gaga gained a few pounds and wants the public to remember her as a skinny bitch likes S&M and meat dresses. We’ll never know.

These are from 2009. They a bondage shoot with photographer Nobuyoshi Araki for Vogue Nippon and they are super RAWR, sexy and candid.


g3 g6

Either way here is the FULL nude-y gallery of Lady Gaga doing Kinbaku (ancient Japanese rope work artistry with a sexual twist)

Of Course this is NSFW and 18+, Click the link to views the Nude Gaga giving her candid sexy Monster face;

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