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Bounty Hunters are Fun to Watch; New Discovery Channel Show About to Hit The Network



Normally I wouldn’t pass it on but this is too good not to share with you all.

I just received this e-mail for a new show about to hit the Discovery channel. It’s Bounty Hunters competing to get the most bounty’s for cold hard $$$$$.

Oh yeah.

Here’s the e-mail and when it premiere’s


IT’s CONFIRMED IN THE TRADES…. PILOT EPISODE: JULY 8th SUNDAY AT 10:00PM on Discovery Channel….Episode 2 on following Sunday July 15th….. same time and so on. We will be waiting for a “Pick Up” order the days following
the first airing !!

Who compete to bring in the highest total
$$$ amount of bounties in 100 hrs.
………… The winning team gets a $10,000.00 Bonus !…………..



Please, Please pass this on… To everyone you know!!!!
Thank you

Heathyr in Hollywood

Lana Del Rey to Rock Your Day

Starting your day out and watching videos at work is just one way I am helping America. For lunch and to annoy bosses today I bring you Lana Del Rey working it out in her new video for ‘National Anthem’.

For the guys we have a special treat with her rocking Marilyn style and Jackie O. For the girls, well we have Lana singing her heart out. Oh and a wicked manicure.


Man Cured of AIDS: Stem Cell Transplant Successful

Yes it’s real…

Timothy Brown received a stem cell surgery in 2007 for leukemia and ended showing no signs of the virus after making him the only man to have been cured from AIDS.

– Timothy Brown (Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images)

Timothy says he feels guilty being the only man ever to beat HIV/AIDS, but it was no fluke. Doctors found a genetic mutation that can help beat this.

Brown got lucky. The blood stem cells he received came from a donor with a special genetic mutation that made him resistant to HIV.

The genetic mutation occurs in less than 1  percent of Caucasians, and far less frequently in people of other races. Before Brown got his transplant in 2007, doctors tested nearly 70 donors for this genetic mutation before they found one who was a match.

There is hope for others as well. Doctors are looking into Umbilical Cord transplants as an option. Read the full article from ABCNews below;


Nora Ephron, Screenwriter of ‘When Harry met Sally’ Dead at 71, she will be missed

Nora Ephron you screenwriting genius, you will be missed. Today the Entertainment Industry lost a true gem of a writer, playwright and screenwriter. Nora Ephron died at 71 from Myeloid Leukemia.

Ephron made the most of her life and courageously encouraged her friends and fans to live their lives to the fullest.

Nora was quoted saying;

“You should eat delicious things while you can still eat them, go to wonderful places while you still can … and not have evenings where you say to yourself, ‘What am I doing here? Why am I here? I am bored witless!'” she told Reuters.

Sounds like Nora was not only brilliant but wise as well.

Nora Ephron left us with a legacy of amazing films such as “When Harry Met Sally’, “Michael”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Silkwood” and her last film, “Julie and Julia” with Meryl Streep. She also was a playwright.

We send condolences to her friends and family wish her the best where ever she may be.


Get Yo Ass to Ulta West Hollywood/Update

Sorry I have been a non-blogger kittens. I hate missing out on the good stuff and I promise to update over the next day or so.

In order to make up for my blogging lack there of, I am bringing you good news from the land of West Hollywood or the evil known as, ‘The West Hollywood Gateway’.

Today as I flew around town doing a million errands I landed in ‘Ulta’, West Hollywood.


I can give you a million excuses. I’m a terrible beauty product slut and of course the #1 reason….I’m a girl.

Thankfully for once I come with great news that won’t break your bank account. At this moment this particular Ulta is undergoing a refurb in the middle of the store. Since it makes shopping there ‘inconvenient’ they have marked a ton of stuff down and are using this as a reason to have major ‘clearance sale’.

Oh hallelujah, and praise the Gods of Ulta. Although the discount is trickily stuck in the cheaper aisles to the far left, it’s there if you are willing to look.

I even scored a cheap indulgence for even cheaper than normal.


– Normally around $5-10, Right now it’s priced at $2.50

This bath/shower gel is nice, light and leaves you smelling great. It’s even ok for sensitive skin and doesn’t upset people with perfume allergies.

Get your bootie out the door kittens. Ulta West Hollywood is usually open until 9pm, 7 days a week.

Looks like this will last just long enough, you can get your make up and body freak on for cheap. Now that’s something everyone can love.

Watch it LIVE, stream that is. Burberry Menswear SS2013, 6/23!

I don’t know who got off their pretty boney model butt and suggested live streaming fashion shows, but I love them. I mean bearing their children and cleaning their house ADORE them.

The greatest thing since the club sandwich is the live stream fashion show. Good news is the good one’s are just about to land for 2013 Spring/Summer Menswear lines.

On Saturday, 6/23 at 4:30pm Milan time/7:30AMPST, you can come back here (or Burberry’s site of course) and click this pretty picture and watch it all live. Catch all the pretty of Burberry’s SS2013 line.

Gorgeous male models in one of the top fashion houses in London? I think so.

Have fun kiddies, and see you there clogging up the stream.



Jim Carrey is being creepy AGAIN, This Time for Emma Stone

Oh gurl call sakurity!

Emma Stone shot her first cover for Vogue’s July issue and is releasing her new Spiderman movie with Andrew Garfield. She really is on top of the entertainment world.

Look how gorgeous she is;

How could you not love this girl?

Poised to take over the world with her great personality and an amazing sense of self, we adore Emma. She is about as far from a train wreck as you can get. With this kind of fame and beauty, there was no way she could avoid a creepy stalker.

And that stalker is Jim Carrey. Yup, really. Jim decided to send Emma a video/msg that made me want to cleanse my eyes with bleach.

Video of Jim Carrey confessing adoration for Emma Stone

#creepy #why?

When I saw this all I could think is ‘What the WHAT?!!”.

In the video Jim talked about the fact that she would ‘praise god everyday’ if he married her, and would love having ‘chubby, freckly” babies with Emma. I thought TMZ was bad with stalking celebs.

The real creep factor came from the fact she had just been talking ‘nicely’ behind his back just before Jim released this on Youtube. It just show’s you how small Hollywood is folks.

In an interview with ‘New York Magazine’ Emma was quoted as saying;

“Right before that video came out, we were at the MTV Movie Awards. Jason Sudeikis hosted … There was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey’s back. Jason was talking about how great [Carrey] was when he went to ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and how he was just like a comedic genius. Everyone was kind of weighing in, like ‘He’s the best. He’s amazing.’

And so when that happened, we all kind of talked to each other like, ‘Weird, that was the guy we were lauding for, like, 30 minutes.

One hopes this was a joke. Jim Carrey is notorious for being an ‘oddball’. Either way Emma will rise above this. She is a superstar and we hope the best for her.

Yes They’re Real and They’re Fabulous. Luscious Lash Review and How To.

Every time I see a mascara commercial on TV I can’t help mumbling under my breath. I believe it’s something along,” Grumble, so fake, as if.”

Having first hand knowledge of lash extensions and fake eyelashes really seals the deal and get’s me cursing. How the hell do they expect me to believe my lashes will look like this;

and that it will leave me feeling like this?

When all it does is clump, run, make a mess and make me look like a racoon.

Let’s face it. Unless you wear falsies (eyelashes not the other kind), or get the professional eyelash extensions everything falls flat. Not to mention always turns into a clumpy mess despite their promises not to.

Never fear! I have found the answer. And it will be good, for everyone.

It’s called, very appropriately, “They’re Real!”

Besides Benefit Cosmetics amazing ad for this it actually works. This mascara has a great brush that has NEVER clumped on me.

I am used to trying everything and anything. As both a wearer of false lashes and extensions I was surprised. I am so used to getting a nasty, gooky, stuck together brush halfway through my mascara this was refreshing.

The other thing that got me? The blurb on their webpage is true! *GASP*

they’re real! mascara~What else you need to know:

94% saw dramatic length & volume*
90% saw base-to-tip curl*
94% saw visible lift*
100% saw long-wearing results*

After using the mini one I got as a bonus at Sephora (check the bottom of the page for links), it did ACTUALLY make my lashes longer. No I am not being PAID for this.  This is all me sharing something too fabulous. (If anyone at Benefit should see this, you should send me a case, I love this stuff)

I have been using this for about 3-6 months now and the volume and length of my lashes is now over a quarter-inch and I no longer wear false lashes unless I am shooting or hitting the red carpet.

It is fiercely waterproof so invest in make up remover wipes or it won’t come off. After a shower I look like Tammi Faye Baker or a Kardashian post fake cry, if I don’t clean it off.



They have a small mini for $10 to try,

and it’s $22 for regular size

And of course there is the illustrious ‘Benefit Cosmetics’. You can find ‘They’re Real’ HERE:

Go get your eyelash freak on ladies. The ultimate mascara is here and yes, it’s real.

Let Clint Catalyst Fill Your Brain. SF/ Bay Area MUST SEE.

If I weren’t a literary dork with a penchant for oddities in human form I would be reporting on something incredibly boring now. Like Kim Kardashian (why won’t she go away?!). Instead I am here to prod and poke you in to seeing the good stuff.

Especially in San Francisco. Growing up for 18 years in SF/Bay Area has given me a classic love hate syndrome with the city.

I’m here to talk about the love. It opened my mind to amazing artists such as Poppy Z. Brite, Gloria Steinem and our dearest, lovely, noir chic, artist freak, writing genius, Clint Catalyst.

Author of ‘Cottonmouth Kisses’, ‘Thrills, Pills and Chills and Heartache; Adventures in the First Person’, and 5 other books and novels he is NOT to be missed.

Clint will be performing in San Francisco this week. Here s how to see this magnificent maestro.

On June 18th;

Monday, June 18  2012
Porch Light Storytelling Series

I Do: The Wedding Show

Featuring – writer/stylist Clint Catalyst

Verdi Club
2424 Mariposa St., San Francisco CA
Show at 8:00pm/doors at 7:00pm
$15 general
$7.50 Friends of Library members

And a whole bunch of other amazing people as well. They can be looked up below

Then on

Wednesday, June 20  2012

The world will open up and let art be art again at this incredibly event uniquely named;

Faggot Dinosaur Anthology Reading/Release Party

Alley Cat Books
3036 24th St, San Francisco, CA
7 p.m.

Brown Paper Tickets:

I know not everyone wants to see intelligent artists speak/read/perform their work. This saddens me. However, if you enjoy expanding your mind, go. Run to it and enjoy.

Curious about Clint? Who isn’t?

To learn more about this multi-talented author, artist, actor, stylist and model go here:

For more info on his shows and who the other players/writers are, read his blog here:

‘Girl Model’ a Powerful Documentary, Must See!

Normally I like to keep things light and fluffy. Often fun on here.

Being focused on the fashion industry I do like to share real finds as well. I ran across this on my live streaming channel and had to share.


It is powerful, moving and amazing to watch the transition as girls from Siberia are recruited to work in Japan. It is intense, sobering and fascinating to see the modeling industry through a 13-year-old, foreign teenagers eye’s and the narrator, and an ex-model, now scout.

Here is the trailer.

It struck a deep note with me and I believe it is something everyone should watch at least once. Ignorance is not bliss and this movie/documentary proves that.

Since it is limited in where it is being shown across the country, click this link and stream it.

Leave feedback and comments kittens. It’s the least you can do for a well made documentary like this.


Karl Lagerfeld Has a Wax Face, Literally

My obsession with Karl Lagerfelds world is out of control. Thankfully, I am not the only one who thinks this way.

In Karl Lagerfelds old hometown of Hamburg, Germany, he now resides in one of Germany’s oldest wax museum’s in his sexy little finger-less gloves and fab black suit.

Fakin’ Karl

Karl is not only immortalized, loved and amazingly creative but he know’s the fashion market as well. Originally he had a classic German last name of ‘Lagefeldt’, but dropped the T to seem more commercial.

Despite his name change his is still honored in Hamburg’s 125 year old wax museum. His pretty little face took a year to make!! I guess they are big on detail

I love this man. He is by far the classiest bitch in the fashion industry with a super powered brain under that white ponytail. At 78 he still manages to conquer and expand the house of ‘Chanel’.

Even better, his next collaboration will be with….drum roll please…

Shu Uemura!!

No stranger to cosmetics, Monsieur Lagerfeld will be creating a special make up collection for the holidays called ‘Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura’.

Simple enough.

Keep your eye’s open for it. No doubt it will be limited edition/super exclusive. Just like my dear Unkle Karl.

Oh Sookeh! You’re Pregnant? And premiere of True Blood TONIGHT!

Tonight is the premiere of Season 5 of true Blood and we’re all salivating, drooling and scratching at the TV screen for some hot fangbangin’ action.

Orrrrr, maybe we are just waiting for more of this.

Naked Eric, Faery Sookeh, and dark brooding Beeeehl, it’s all going down tonight on HBO. However I am curious how thing’s will go this season since they probably had to cover up this.

Yes our favorite ‘fucking Faery’, as Pam says, is pregnant and has been for a while.

After a wonderful on/off-screen romance, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin tied the knot in August 2010. Thousands of fans of True Blood sighed as the romantic couple married because nothing is better than your on-screen fav couple getting married ‘for real’.

With Anna Paquin pregnant, all of us that are hooked on the Blood cannot wait to see their uber cute baby. Even their co-stars are spouting cute comments.

Ryan Kwanten was quoted saying,

“{They}are going to make amazing parents!””They have a real lust for life.Yes, they’re adults, but they’re both very young at heart. I would love to be raised in that household!

Read more:

Bring on the pregnant Paquin, the edible Skarsgard and the forever brooding, class-act Stephen Moyer. I have my true blood t-shirt I got at ComicCon and I’m raring to go.

Will you be watching?

Video is the new Catwalk. Presenting Dior and Gucci’s Newest.

We all know Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. He is indeed breaking boundaries in both Fashion AND Marketing.

The first designer ever to use short films/video as a marketing tool in a major fashion house. Not just video but literal short films. He tells stories and make you forget, for just one minute, hot models dressed in head to toe Dior are selling you a product.

Here is his latest triumph, a music video, found in the pages of my Vanity Fair, ‘Secret Garden-Versailles’.

These movies are ethereal, surreal and unique. Unkle Karl is not just a genius, but a mad genius.

Gucci has followed suit with a new style of bringing the runway out of the pages of Vogue, W Mag, Bazaar as well. A brilliant move, this SS 2012, they too presented a multi-media concept with their ‘Gucci Guilty’ campaign. Although it’s brought in more of a traditional advert format they brought one thing Dior Doesn’t have to the table. Chris Evan’s.


Who is next to follow suit? Whoever it is I think they are smarter than the average multi-million dollar fashion house.

For style and giggles, Here is ‘The tale of a Fairy’, by Karl Lagerfeld with Freja Beja.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Happy Sunday, Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp You Sexy Twisted Gemini (and my Dad too! He just rocks)

Today is a day of much elation. There will be gay pirates swilling beer, angsty artists donning their wide-brimmed hats and screaming girls just…screaming.

Today is Johnny Depp’s Birthday!

Groupies rejoice!

Johnny Depp turns an amazing and sexy, 49 years old. And I still would sleep with him. Just goes to prove, it’s not the age but the sexy. Johnny Depp carries so much sexy in his little finger he could make a million groupies swoon. Even better he is known to visit Hellyweird occasionally. Something tell’s me he may be with his gorgeous wifey Vanessa Paradis in France, with his kids.

Yup the Depp is a sexy Dad too!

We salute you Johnny Depp. The Burtonite’s, the Depp-ite Screamers, the Pirates & the Wonka’s of Mann’s Chinese and everyone who dresses up as Edward Scissorhands on Halloween.

Sigh…you sir, are #tehsex. Happy Birthday Johnny Depp.


Addendum. I know it’s a lot of other uber cool Gemini’s Birthday today. Most importantly my Dad’s bday. Please stop by his Facebook and either send him a Happy Birthday Message or Post on his Wall. Let’s spoil him too!

My Dad, Robin Wolfe, Happy Birthday Daddio!

And his Facebook

Shoes You Need – Alegandra G.

I try to keep my shoe addiction to a limit. I have 40 some odd pairs. That is low-key for me. Unfortunately as the next Imelda Marcos, I have found something to fuel my addiction. Alegandra G. Shoes.

Why do you need this. Let’s use a visual example.

Color is #thesex.

Add spikes and I will break my bank account

Feast your eyes on the SS 2012 collection’s ‘Asia H’Orange’.

This follows the trend of EVERY summer EVERYWHERE, bright colors. In summertime you want to wear amazing clothes that pop. Seeing this shoe made me think of warmth, sun and the ultimate LA thing, wearing next to nothing with a pair of hot shoes.

If you are looking for a little more class and not sass the appropriately named ‘Bradshaw’, is my next want of the moment.

I swear I could wear this with everything.


And if you are looking for a nice summer, sweet lacy look, this shoe is deliciously girliy. I like that it’s demure without being boring Boho.

‘The Kimberley’

If needed, it comes in classic black or tan for the fashionista who needs a calmer, gentler wedge.

Need another reason?

Alegandra G. shoes are starting to become of celebs. Because these demand sexy clients they have donned the feet of Adrianne Curry, Taryn Manning and the cute Lil Mama (think Nicki Minaj in wee form).

Signature sole’s with black and white stripes, shoe seduction and celebrities are grabbing these. And so am I.

Frankly I walk around LA too much so I think I’ll grab these ‘Amber’ spiked leopard print flats.

As a bitch on the go I need something comfortable and dangerous. This will keep the mugger’s away.

Street sweet and smart. Who is with me on this new shoe obsession?

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