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Progress on the Fashion Front – Vogue Thailand Hires it’s First Male Editor-in-Chief

Vogue. Addiction. The bible. However you want to label it, it’s name alone comes with a hefty reputation.

I am pleased to see that Vogue Thailand is living up to that rep, by hiring the first male Editor-in-Chief, Kullawit Laosuksri. First male editor for Vogue, ever. In the world.


Starting things off with a bang Kullawit decided commission Phillip Treacy, extraordinary haberdasher to the fashion elite (oh and the Gaga) to help him with the cover. According to Nation’s interview with the pint-sized super editor;

For the Thai edition, we also want to present Thai women’s cheerful attitude and lifestyle. For the first issue we wanted a chada [the traditional tall coronet], which is internationally recognised and has a sophisticated design. We searched the archives of the master of the craft, Chakrabhan Posayakrit, and then asked Phillip Treacy, a world-renowned maker of headdresses, to create a chada we could display on our cover.















Bravo! excellent start. Unfortunately Thai Vogue is working with the smallest budget out of all the Vogue magazine’s in the world. If this is what Vogue Thai is starting at the gate with I may have to pick up an issue to support. I do have faith that the smallest are the fiercest and can make something out of nothing. Cough…I speak from experience.

Here is hoping that Kullawit is knowledgeable and ambidextrous as an editor. Also that there are some damn good advertisers. Vogue lives off that money!

Brad and Angelina expecting 7th Superior Child of Ethereal Grace & Genetic Dominance? #Rumors #Really?














Oh Brad and Angie, stop looking so smug. We know your secret now.

Rumor around the evil Hollywood entertainment mill is that Brad & Angie, the holy couple of all, are having a 7TH BABY. Yes that’s right. A 7th one. Why? Because they can.
Although rumors in Hollywood are generally created by crafty PR people I have to say this one is too good not think it’s real. With Angie’s Mia Farrow complex and Brad Pitt’s superior everything why wouldn’t they be having another child.

According to a ‘source’, ““Angelina has been staying out of the public eye because she doesn’t want to let anyone know that she’s expecting … She had morning sickness and didn’t want to draw attention to herself in public.”

Where do they find these ‘sources’? I must have one! They are so…so convenient.

Chances are there are baby rumors because they have a life and did not show up to award season. This usually creates gossip about pregnancy. However if they the morning sickness rumors are true Angie’s about 3 months pregnant.

Even if Brad’s Chanel ads were a failure, he sure seems to be good at one thing.

Brad and Ang, I wish you well with your rumor baby! Here’s hoping it’s happy and healthy. If it exists.

iPhone 5s Stands for Screening. Fingerprint ID lock on the way? #Awesome #Security


Apple rumors are everywhere and there is always something new and cutting edge they have to offer. I-groupies are everywhere and there is no short supply of Apple adoration. Although the Droid dominates the cell phone market in the United States (for now) the new iPhone5s boats a new win. A possible fingerprint scan.

For those that are paranoid about security this is a uber win situation. Who doesn’t want to feel the power of a super spy in the 21st century on their phone. CEO’s and big wigs will adore this when it comes to keeping prying eyes away from their business plans. Karl Lagerfeld’s designs are safe, Wired Mag and Gizmodo can write articles on their phones and you can watch porn at work. Oh wait. Not that last thing. Everything is secure and no one will ever know you are texting your girlfriend(s) ever again.

But what are they drawbacks. iPhones are notoriously known for glitching during your game, texting, social networking and are a constant smudge-phobics nightmare. We still have not mastered the James Bond software. The thumbprint may not register until the 12th time or not at all. Also our full knowledge and perfection for fingerprint scans, not so cutting edge. In security terms. We have a lot to learn.

Check out the Huffington Posts tech geek vid on the pros and cons on this little baby. I find it very insightful.

and aatma’s mock up

iPhone 5s might convert me, but for now I will stick with my trusty Droid.

And I’m BACK! Freja Beha Erichsen, Video & Mo&Co. #Sexy #Mod #Style

Mo&Co. from China creating a niche in the Fashion Market.

Mo&Co. from China creating a niche in the Fashion Market.

I love starting back with a good bang. So let’s post something….bangable? Freja Beha and Mo & Co recently collaborated with Karim Sadli creating a fashion video that will blow your mind AND make you buy their clothes.

After all how can you go wrong with a Mo & Co.’s mod rocker pants, stills of cool masks and a rock star like Freja Bheja.

MIA because of injury #ow #suck #hiatus












Dear friends, fans and fashion kittens. As life would have it, I was recently damaged. Wouldn’t you know its my left arm, which coincidentally I use for a little thing called typing. (I’m typing this w one hand, yes you can laugh). So while I heal I am on a 2 week hiatus of lotsa meds, water and couch potato-ing. I will be back with fashion and news but for now, this little redhead needs rest & TV.

In the meantime go check out my new awesome magazine I’m on staff for, Fast Lane Magazine! Click below for the land of luxury;

I BIELIEB…..That’s a Blunt. Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed #NYE


Photos Courtesy of TMZ….obviously (nice watermark guys)

Oh how the Bieber has fallen. Justin Bieber did the dirty and smoked some weed, which is really not that dirty for an ex-Disney kid.
Let’s look at the Ex-Disney kid record. I mean Xtina went full-blown, um, blown up. Divorced, she reached for the bottle and passed out in another stars bedroom on his birthday on a mountain of other people’s jackets. Britney shaved her head and spoke like Madonna (who has no excuse) for a wee bit. Justin, well he’s supposedly a jerk, anal retentive type who cheats on his NOW wifey A LOT. Lilo…um, yeah. No explanation needed.
Overall, I would say that the Biebs loving his blunt is small time. However he is hanging out with Lil Twist now. AND crashing his car and killing paparazzo’s. Oh yeah that.
I suppose this is the gateway to a full blow Bieb-splotation. What do you think?
Here’s more pictures from of Justin getting his NYE freak on;



Announcement: Heathyr Wolfe New Sr. Men’s Fashion Editor at @FastLaneMag! #New #Improved #MensFashion

I know I have been missing in action kittens. I hate to disappoint a massive reader population because I love you guys. You complete me. BUT, I have a damn good reason….


After writing my ass off for years, some college courses in a little thing Journalism and too much experience I am moving from here to the pages of FastLane Magazine as the Senior Men’s Fashion Editor! Yes it deserves an exclamation point. I’m proud of it, dammit.

What does that mean for A whole lotta double time. I will be writing a column on Men’s Fashion, working on the magazine online and IN PRINT AND writing for Sure it sounds like a lot, but this is why god invented caffeine and red bull.

So hop over in the next few weeks and check it out. Especially if you are a man. We have everything a male could want, cars, chicks and luxury. Who could ask for anything more?!

Click Nichole Below;


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