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Lindsay Lohan Assaulted in NYC Hotel Room! The Dirty Details on Christian LaBella.

Poor Lindsay cannot get a break! Whether she is having a hard time, crashing cars, being chased by paparazzi, Lindsay is always under scrutiny and a heck of a mess. This time however it was NOT her fault.

Lindsay had been sadly, caught up as an easy mark by Christian LaBella Republican Congressional Staffer for He works for Rep. John Shimkus and is the nephew of comedian Heather McDonald.

LaBella posted a picture of him and Paul Ryan on his Facebook

Lohan had met up with Christian LaBella at 1OAK. Supposedly Christian LaBella was a little starstruck and started up a conversation. Turns out Miss Lohan invited him up to hang out in her hotel room at the NYC Union Square W Hotel where she was staying to hang out.

Around 6 am she took LaBella’s phone and became upset because he had been secretly taking pictures of her all night and was emailing them to friends.

LaBella got violent when she wouldn’t give back the phone and he escalated things. Lindsay was thrown down on the bed and scratched by LaBella. She got away, locked herself in the bathroom after the assault and waited until she could make a break for it out of her 15th floor sweet with Claus Hjelmbak.

Then it got uglier;

When the “Freaky Friday” star and her hunky pal began walking back up the stairs, they again encountered LaBella, sources said.

She claimed that he choked her from behind and threw her to the floor before Hjelmbak yanked him away, cops said. Lohan pulled the fire alarm for help as he fled, police said.

Cops who responded spoke to Lohan and began looking for LaBella, who was trapped in the stairwell because the alarm had disabled the elevators.

Read more:

Whoa. I’m going to sway a little here and say Lindsay REALLY did not deserve that insanity and LaBella just got labeled as a full grade asshole. Sadly, the assault charges were ‘dropped’.

Hmmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with being a Congressional staffer? I guess LaBella just dodged his first scandal thanks to ‘connections’. He’ll do fine in politics.

Watch your back Lindsay and stick with your work hunny.

This is the second time the NYPD has been called in to ‘deal’ with a Lohan situation. The first being a minor car accident involving the actress. Let’s hope it’s the LAST time too.

Let’s hope Lindsay is a little more careful while she is in New York filming.


Jean Paul Gaultier Takes Back the 80’s and Brings the Fierce, SS 2013 Collection (video/gallery)

I admit I am a huge fan of 80’s music. All things one hit wonder I have on my iPod and of course I am a ridiculous Bowie fan. I am also a HUGE Jean Paul Gaultier fan.

When these two things coincide and come together we have JPG’s SS 2013 collection.

This season he conquered eccentric costume clothing for SS 2013 and took the 80’s back. Jean Paul Gaultier re-created something that was both an homage and a new look at an old glamorous style with geometric shapes, sheer clothing and dashes of monochromatic mixed with blinding and beautiful color prints.

As usual he conquered Paris Fashion Week SS 2013 with everything Gaultier. With KISS in the front row causing quite a stir he started the show with fierce 80’s inspired suits, complete with sexy cut outs and ending with Amanda Lear and a cavalcade of sexy man beasts in mesh outfits sporting sky-high platform heels (not boots, heels).

Check out the full unedited runway video below;

And the gallery of all the looks below thanks to the illustrious

No wonder this man is one of my top five favorite designers. His insane quality, design, style and vision most definitely set him apart.

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I believe that victims of HIV/AIDS deserve a better life and state of living, do you?

Please support Diversity News AIDS WALK LA team and myself raise money for this excellent cause. Everyone is affected by this including you. Please donate anything you can, we need your help!!

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No You Can’t Have It, Yes We Want It; World’s Most Expensive Dress!

There are some things so opulent in life even the very, very rich 1% window shop it and drool at the thought of SOMEDAY getting it into their hot little money-laden hands. And that something is this;

Introducing, the world’s most expensive dress!

This beautiful dress is made by designer Debbie Wingham, weighs in around 30 pounds in weight, carries 25 carat black diamonds on the peplum and shoulder shrug and costs a nice fat $5,682,950.

See the black diamonds? Neither do I, but I still want this dress.

Heading towards Five million seven hundred thousand dollars this dress makes the VIP crowd in Dubai shake in their shoes. Wingham states it took 6 months to hand sew every little diamond and design this diamond darling. Her inspiration and thought’s for this pricey dress?

(The dress is)an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life

I think we all love life but this is for someone with a never-ending bank account. Most certainly not made for the average diva (perhaps Aretha or Ms. Diana Ross).

If you had an extra 5.7 million lying around would you buy this dress?

New Music with Ivy Levan; Mix Her Holy Hotness, a dash of Rockabilly Rocker and Add Sass

Ivy Levan has got the goods.

Her background started as a holy hell raiser in church choir, moved into the world of mega modeling and then mixed the two for a righteous rock career.

I have to say this girl is a winner.

If you love a little something country, a whole lotta rock n roll and a sexy vixen she’s your girl. Lana Del Rey better watch her sexy siren status cause Ivy Levan is coming to steal it and can even rock to boot. Not to mention her style is slick sexy. Me-ow.

She’s got something for girls and boys too. Check out this hot video ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ with new and delish dish singer, Ivy Levan.

Let’s Go Vintage; Chanel No. 5 Advert From 1973, Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton

I love it when companies open their archives. Chanel recently posted this video from 1973 of a young goddess known as Catherine Deneuve advertising their perfume.

CHANEL N°5 advertising film from 1973
“Whispered,” by Helmut Newton, with Catherine Deneuve
© CHANEL 1973

I love how all they needed was just her. She just purrs and oozes that ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ that is French perfection.

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