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Boycott List for Corporations Against Same-Sex Marriage, Chik-Fil-A, Target, Etc.

I have been meaning to publish something like this for a while. WithChik-Fil-A’s HUGE scandal with their President coming out against Gay Marriage, and Boston’s refusal to let them build there, it needs to be posted.

I of course referenced who has a HUGE list of ALL major Boycotts. I could include them as well but it’s better for others to research on their own as we all have varying opinions.

Here are the main Boycotts to diss the same-sex haters and L-O-V-E one another in the LGBT community.

Gay and lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered boycotts

  • Against Target Corporation – for donating to conservative PAC Minnesota Forward, a group which supported anti-gay marriage candidate Tom Emmer during the Minnesota gubernatorial campaign in 2010.[10]Lady Gaga stopped doing business with Target because of the effects that she says its political activism has had on the LGBT community.[11][12] Target in turn is now suing the gay rights group Canvass for a Cause, for demonstrating outside its stores (in San Diego County, California) which Target asserts is interfering with business.[13][14]
  • Against Best Buy – For donating campaign money to Tom Emmer.[15]
  • Against Chick-fil-A – For their company making charitable contributions through their Winshape Foundation to organizations that actively oppose same-sex marriage initiatives across the United States, sparked by one of their restaurants catering a marriage seminar held by the notoriously anti-gay Pennsylvania Family Institute.[16]
  • Against Heinz – The gay rights group, Stonewall, has urged supporters to stop buying Heinz products, after the company pulled a commercial of two men kissing.[17]
  • Against The Salvation Army – Gay rights groups are asking people to boycott the Salvation Army’s red kettles and thrift stores, because of the organization’s stance against homosexuality.[18]
  • Tourism/Business with Rushville, Illinois or Schuyler County, IllinoisDon Schieferdecker, county sheriff, made anti-gay and anti-semetic remarks on Facebook and refuses to resign.[19]
  • Tourism/Business with Utah, especially Salt Lake CityUtahThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated money to push Prop 8 through in California, so gays and lesbians wouldn’t be allowed to marry.[20]

If you would like to read more on Boycotts from Wikipedia.Org please go here;

The Saga Continues! Charlize Theron is Pissed at Kristen Stewart for Being a Ho/Robert Pattison left.

Oh Kristen you little minx. I think I will be getting in line to hate on you because now you pissed off Charlize Theron.

Turns out little miss Stewart humped on the wrong man. Rupert Sanders has this as his wife;

Not only Charlize a straight Goddess but became GREAT friends with Liberty Ross (also Goddess). Like BFFs. They shared family dinners together and no doubt, play dates.

Even more twisted in this menage-a-gross, is the fact Charlize and Kristen were not only BFFs, but Charlize doted on her like a sister. Cared for her AND was going to name her godmother of her adopted son Jackson. Oh Snap! Guess that isn’t happening.

-Booo, oh wait is she happy? I cant tell.

What twisted horrifying thing could come next?

Well there is one more.

Robert Pattison was going to ask Kristen to marry him. Instead he moved out yesterday.

I hope cash warms her icy little heart, because after this, that is all she will have.

Lady Gaga as La Chameleon in her acting debut for ‘Machete Kills’

Every good cinephile knows Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ is a masterpiece. Between having Lohan play coked-up party girl (aka herself) and Danny Trejo being masterful as Machete, it is hands down brilliant. My favorite line? ‘Machete don’t text’.


Saints be praised Rodriguez is at it again. This time with ‘Machete Kills’. Even more amazing Lady Gaga is in it;

Holy amazeballs! Dark Night be damned. Not only is Gaga in this but she is amazing to work with.

Robert tweeted the very pretty picture above with this message;

he tweeted: “I just finished working with @LadyGaga on @MacheteKills , she kicked SO MUCH ASS! Holy Smokes. Blown away!

Look’s like Rodriguez pulled together a cast worth of an Oscar.

He cast Charlie Sheen as the US president in the movie! Mel GibsonSofia VergaraAmber HeardJessica AlbaMichele Rodriguez and Vanessa Hudgens will be acting in this as well. Oh hell yes and goddam. Excuse my sailor mouth but this will be fucking good.

The real question is…Danny Trejo is 20+ years sober. How ON EARTH will he be handling Sheen (meth addict), Lindsay Lohan (everything addict), Jessica Alba (ice bitch) and Michele Rodriguez (alcoholic/possible recovering)?!!

I guess what they say is true, he must be one of the nicest guy’s in the business. Here’s to MACHETE KILLS and another glorious movie with star-studded fun. Viva Rodriguez!!

Where to get your Fall Fur Freak on, Fall/Winter 2012 from Idra Alta Moda #Lookbook

As August set’s in, it is time to start shopping for your fabulous and very luxe wardrobe. As I spoke of before fur covered everything is all the rage and DKNY has already released its first set of ‘hair’ inspired accessories. Add ‘Apocalypse Now’ weather in New York City and winter is looking extra tough.

The question raises well-groomed eyebrows everywhere. What to do, and where to shop?

Idra Alta Moda darling!

I know I have sung their praises before. Now that I have met and spoken with the owner, Jessica Soifer, I am in LOVE. This company devastates me, along with their jackets, capes, ear muffs, etc.

Feeling the need for classy, sexy, furry? You can even shop for your hunny with their MENSWEAR LINE (gasp)! Check out their Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook;


Like what you see? So do I!

I am literally ‘In Love’. That last jacket WILL be mine.

I love these. All these looks are classically inspired and can be worn with anything. A night at the Met or heading out to get drunk with drag queens.

For a truly metropolitan and/or continental look these sleek jackets are perfect for LA/NY/Paris. Too sleek and sexy for words is the well named, ‘Collezione’ by Idra Alta Moda.

I am terribly sorry if the gorgeous, fabulous and well-dressed men are feeling left out. I haven’t been blogging men’s fashion. Thank goodness for small and well thought out fashion collections, Idra Alta Moda has you covered.

For the man who dresses better than I do.

Last but hardly least Idra Alta Moda do custom wear as well as accessories.What about this fierce purse?! I am adding this to my collection for winter.

Idra Alta Moda is indeed a collection to watch and covet.

They are taking over the Fall/Winter 2012 fashion fur/leather scene. If you have met the owner, possibly the world. (Word is she is secretly in cahoots with Adolfo Sanchez in LA and a Russian designer who makes out-of-this-world clothing. More on that later)

Follow them on Twitter at @IdraAltaModa and owner @Ima_Soifer


Just shop their website at

What are you waiting. If you live in New York you could be pelted with hail or a blizzard in 3…2…1

Get Fashionable!

W Magazine Presents Kami Shade Fashion Show at Eden Hollywood 7/28/12 TOMORROW!

If you have never been to an amazing SBE Event, Party, Hotel, Restaurant or Club, here is your chance. Tomorrow night W Magazine presents the beautiful and talented,

Kami Shade Fashion Show at Eden Hollywood


I WILL be covering this event, tablet in hand. There will be photos, video, sights and sounds from Kami’s gorgeous models, the runway and of course pretty party people.

There is still time to RSVP and or grab a table for Bottle Service. Numbers are listed above. See you there!!

*UPDATE* Robert Pattison Moves O-U-T of Shared Home With Stewart

I am happy to announce today Robert Pattison actually left the home he shared with Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles and moved out permanently. Hear that noise? Millions of Twihards just sighed and fainted.

Robert Pattison says he is ‘devastated’ and has had enough. Remember that ‘source’ from People? Well said source leaked this today.

“I’m not sure they will be able to recover from this,” a source for People said, “[Robert] is heartbroken and angry.” The 26-year-old British actor has cut off all contact with Kristen and remains in seclusion.

America’s highest paid actress just lost some of that 34.5 million dollars because her stock in the Entertainment industry just went down.

Here’s hoping Robert keep’s up the positive and recovers his broken heart. Something tell’s me he will have no problem moving on.

Kristen Stewart ‘Sorry’ for CHEATING?!! Don’t Worry, it’s ALL PR.

Everyone raise their hand who DIDN’T see this coming. Count of hands *0*.

Yes, Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob Pattison. WHAT? OMG. NO WAY. Yes way, person living in a cave.

Thankfully she cheated with someone ridiculously HOT & British. There were murmurings when these two first met on the set of Twilight they were having an affair. Recently life brought them back together for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, which Rupert Sanders directed.

What is actually terribly sad though is he is….married. To supermodel Liberty Ross.

With kids. Two to be exact. What is it about this being the summer of philandering fool’s? First Depp now Rupert Sanders.

A source  supposedly close to Kristen had a talk with E! saying;

“Kristen is absolutely devastated,” the insider insists. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.”

The source continues, “She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

It’s sad really that they have had to perpetuate a fake relationship this long. Then again look at Tom and Katie.

The ‘source’ goes on to say Kristen loves Rob and Rob is devastated etc. As much as this couple from ‘Twilight’ seem’s like a match made in heaven, something always told me they were not.

I hope the best for Pattison. He deserves better. Millions of Twihards agree.

Johnny Depp Flies Back to Vanessa Paradis

NO! Say it ain’t so. My one chance to meet and slobber on Johnny Depp seem’s to have flown the coop. Look’s like all us Hollywood Depp groupies will have to wait another year or even, lifetime, for our chance to party with Johnny.

That’s right Mr’ Johnny Depp came to his senses (boo!) and has flown back to the south of France to try to patch thing up with his long-time love Vanessa Paradis. Makes sense since he has two children in the picture now. That’s right. They are getting big enough to know what is going on now too.  Lily-Rose is 13, and Jack is nine. Depp is 49 now and needs to stop philandering and fooling around.

I hate to wish them the best, but I sincerely do. Go get your woman Johnny and as the French say ; Bonne Chance!

CAUGHT! Chik-Fil-A Playing a Girl on Facebook to Save Face. Creates #Faceplant

Oh Chik-Fil-A. I really don’t know HOW to file this. Busted, broke and bad form are a good start though. Maybe dirty, horrible and bigot are new categories I should go with.

Recently when Henson co. pulled their toys from Chik-Fil-A, they put this on their Facebook page after the President of Chik-Fil-A came out very vocally AGAINST gay marriage;

I love The Muppet’s, but now I am PROUD of them too.

The fact is recently the most honorable Henson studios pulled their toys from Chik-Fil-A’s kiddy meals because frankly, the CEO of Henson studios is a HUGE advocate of same-sex marriage.

Good show.

However, when PR scandals like this show up and a company looks like their profits will be taking a dump and losing millions, the weasels show up to cover the companies ass. I ONLY call them weasels because they decided to attack social media on Facebook.

According to Gizmodo they are trying to run a sympathy campaign by LYING and saying the toys have ALREADY been pulled weeks ago. With fake accounts.

Gizmodo had this to say;

Chick-fil-A claimed the toys were pulled because of a “possible safety issue”. That, of course, is a complete lie. A lie that the company may be propagating with fake Facebook accounts of Chick-fil-a sympathists.

And this just fell from bad form to scraping bottom of the barrel. Such tactics are not to be tolerated. Especially when there is proof.

Check this out. Some astute Facebooker caught them at it.

I want to hug him.

Where will Chik-Fil-A go from here? Apparently they will be losing even more funds. They have been banned by the entire city of Boston, Massachusetts is telling them to go to hell as well.

As far as I am concerned they might as well close up their restaurant in Hollywood, CA too. They won’t be profiteering on the gay population in West Hollywood and parties are pretty liberal here.

Time to take a hike Chik-Fil-A, your day in the sun just fell into the gutter.

I think they need to stop before it gets worse.

What do you think?

New ‘Man of Steel’ Superman Trailer

Well I do declare, looks like ‘Superman/Man of Steel’ will be really….AWESOME! Christopher Nolan you mad genius. Not only has he rocked the Dark Night fifty time over bringing box office records and creating Batman addicts everywhere but now this.

I had heard through the geek grapevine that it was on its way. ANOTHER Superman movie. Oh god. Of course I shook my head ‘nononono’ until I thought it would fall off. However looks like it will rock us just as much as The Dark Knight.

Check it out;


I love the reality edge and it looks dark, emotional and like they did Superman justice in the costume department. We don’t want another Wonder Woman debacle now do we?

I give the trailer a thumbs up. Who is with me?!!

On the set of ‘Magic Mike’ at Bizzy B of Hollywood & Interview with Sexy Owner Beatrice Prochazka

I was watching that glorious new chick flick/man meat movie ‘Magic Mike’ with my roommate. As we screamed, hooted and hollered at the TV we were stopped in our tracks. No, it wasn’t just because Channing Tatum’s hot dance moves, or Joe Mangiello’s fabulous chest. It was because we actually recognized where they were shooting.

And it was freekin Bizzy B of Hollywood.

Yes that’s right, it’s where the star’s shop for their bikini’s, dance wear and nether things. Now with a nifty guys section. That’s right they stuff for boys now too. And in that boys section was Channing Tatum, shopping for man thong with Alex Petyfer.

Oh…my….god. Someone pinch me. Being a writer and a bit of a cinephile I had to rush down and cover this. Also take cheesy pictures with the underwear they were shopping for in the movie.

This way to the ‘boys side’,





Man undie section

It’s a mecca for sexy men and boys!







Me with the ACTUAL undies they touched in Magic Mike, dontcha want a pair, I know you do;

I sat down for a few hours and grilled owner, Beatrice Prochazka, about having the boys of ‘Magic Mike’ on set.

Owner, Model, Designer, Sexpot and Actress Beatrice Prochazka as Wonder Woman, costume by her

H: How long were they shooting here in Bizzy B of Hollywood?

B: Two days

H:I saw that you had a cameo in the movie, did you enjoy it?

B:It was wonderful! I loved having them in the store. Steven Sodenberg was here on set and Channing Tatum brought his wife.

H: How sweet! What was your favorite part of shooting with the Magic Mike Crew?

B: I got to talk and connect with Channing Tatum. He is so nice. He asked if he could use my name in the movie. (He say’s ‘Hi Beatrice as he first walks in the store in the movie’).

H:Well I am glad he used your name or I wouldn’t have believed it was you.

Beatrice Prochazka with still from Magic Mike in front of the Menswear section

I always knew my odd and wonderful friendship’s in Hollywood would pay off. Who knew my lingerie would too. HUGE thanks to Bizzy B for letting me invade her store and take fan girl photos. I mean the hotties of ‘Magic Mike’ in my favorite store on the Boulevard. Lord have mercy. Why didn’t someone call me!

Feel free to stop by and meet Beatrice and see the set of ‘Magic Mike’ yourself.

Click the pretty picture below for directions on Google Maps;

OR Visit for all your girly needs,

and for her online menswear store

Happy shopping! Now go see ‘Magic Mike’, you won’t regret it.

Confirmed! Lana Del Rey New Face of H&M 2012/2013 Line

I cannot hide my love of Lana Del Rey. I am enamored with her music and she is a rocking beauty. Heck she even snagged the March 2012 cover of Vogue UK.

Well, on the 17th H&M OFFICIALLY released a PR statement that they have confirmed her as the new face of H&M’s 2012/2013 Fall/Winter line.

“We were looking for a style icon and singer to model our autumn/winter 2012-13 collection and Lana Del Rey was the perfect choice,” said H&M PR manager Chloe Bowers. “We think she shows our fall fashion in a very inspiring way. The theme of the campaign is a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude. Curves and waist are important in autumn’s silhouette.”

Agreed Chloe and damn good choice. Lana Del Rey is the sort of vamp women love and admire. Sultry and such a vixen we send HUGE congrats.

All we ask Lana darling is quit with the plastic surgery. You don’t need it and that lip augmentation, soooooo botched.

Stay pretty Miss Del Rey. We’re hooked on you. H&M made a brilliant choice.

Let’s make her our ‘National Anthem’.

and on that note

Los Angeles Vinyl Junkie, We’re Saved! Mount Analog in Highland Park

Oh hurrah and hooray! Rejoice, we are at long last saved from digital and iPod DJ’s. Bring on the vinyl!

LA has a vinyl store again and not only do they carry old school stuff but NEW vinyl as well.  How cool is that?

Now I am not dissing Amoeba, but seeing as they are our ONLY source for record’s in LA that is widely recognized, we needed a new store to give us hope.

Check it.

They are not just a place to buy music. They are a community, a place for events, signings, full service! Frankly can’t wait to check this place out or send the good word to the DJ’s I know.

Spread the good word Angelenos, the music is BACK and better than before.


Vogue Russia Needs a New Photoshop Artist

Oh Vogue Russia, I understand we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Often we have bad days, or even botched photo spreads, but this….well there are no words.

Devastating model, gorgeous dress, sexy pose, blingy jewelry….and a disembodied hand.

NYET! Say it isn’t so. I can see how one might pose oddly and crop out and over extended arm but this is inexcusable. Where the heck is her freeking arm? Did it take a sick day? Is it on another page? Is she missing and arm and has a very unique and pretty manicured hand growing out of her head? No.

Vogue Russia just killed there August 2012 issue. As the number one producer of hot runway girls this is unacceptable. I hope they fire who ever did this. Vogue Russia, get it together. You are too good for this.

Even your pretty letters won’t fool us this time. Bring back the arm! Vogue standards demand it.


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