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Nerd News Flash! Yahoo Hires New CMO, Genius Marissa Mayer….While Other CMO is on Vacation!!

I have seen some shifty moves in business. I have seen some of the nastiest business cat fights go down. We all know no one has a safe job in this economy. You may get fired the dy you get fired. It’s a low move but possible.This however takes the cake.

We shall call this move,’Business 101: Fuckery’.

Current CMO of Yahoo, Mollie Spillman, was of vacationing at the beach. She was trying to unwind from working at one of the largest internet companies in the country. While she took a moment away from the office to regain her humanity, she was replaced by Marissa Mayer.









Poor Mollie found out 10 minutes before the news was announced to the entire company. Ouch.

A source close to the situation tells us Mayer informed the vacationing Spillman of the news only ten minutes before it broke.

“She was blindsided,” said this source. Mayer and Spillman have worked closely together in the weeks since she became CEO, and the fact that Mayer was looking for her replacement never came up.

Read more:

I guess there really is no rest for the weary.

Kami Shade Rocks Facade Magazine

I’m focusing on most things fashion this week because of  Spring/Summer 2012/2013 season. Nice excuse to have.

As my readers know I am big on promoting emerging designers and I LOVE then succeed. Unfortunately I never get clothes but I pimp them anyway.

This week I am pleased to say the illustrious diva designer Kami Shade is in the spotlight with a very cool editorial in Facade Magazine.

Not only am I super proud to see miss thing get a great editorial but the clothes, oh the dresses make me want to cry and empty my bank account.

Check it out

Love this look. Super Hollywood glamour.

Think that is all there is to this collection? You are very much mistaken darlings. Go peruse the Kami Shade store below by clicking the hottie in the swimsuit.

She does custom order if you don’t see your size or have something special in mind. Happy shopping!

It’s Time for Runway Recaps. Fall 2012/2013 Collection by Herve Leger.

As New York Fashion Week is almost upon us and Fall is nipping at our heels, it is time to look at what the runways brought us and what trends to follow and wear.

Whether deliciously conservative or madly daring, Herve Leger is a fashion design god that makes clothing for every woman. His creativity is endless and designs every  mutating and changing leaving knock offs to the obvious fakers. Those who read (and write) this blog know not to crumble and buy anything but the real deal.

I present you with an entire gallery of nothing but….Herve Leger’s 2012 Fall Collection for the ethereal goddess in you.

These last three pieces in his collection were too stunning not to share. Look’s like monsieur Leger is spreading his fashion wings.

The shape and length make this an evening gown worthy of a night at the Met.

This white gown however broke me, too beautiful for words

This however I love and is totally wearable with everything. I never thought I would say I loved a fringed leather jacket but this inspires and delights me.

Want to shop the collection?

Unfortunately it is only available for pre-order but you can still buy what you want and get a fab gift in the mail when they hit the market by going here;

Happy shopping my fashionable dears.

Mario Testino Does Nicole Kidman in ‘Truth or Bare’

I am starting to love V Magazine. First Fassbender and Theron in the uber sex photo shoot. Now Mario Testino is working with them to bring us Nicole Kidman in ‘Truth or Bare’;

Damn! Darling Nikki has bootie and she is rocking it. Check out the editorial shoot video;

Smoking Hot! I didn’t think Nicole ‘botox’ Kidman had it in her to work the camera. Or even move her face.

Bitch worked it out like a super star. Not only that but she took the classic dead girl pose and made it come to life with a RED HOT lingerie shoot.

I admit that my only issue with this shoot is she looks a little trashy. As Michael K of says, and I quote,”Nicole Kidman looks like third tier hooker straight from the Jem! universe.”

I hate that he’s right.

All of that aside, Mario Testino shots are always above par and truly stunning. Want to see they rest?

Check this link:

Or these photos;

Happy Saturday, From David Beckham With Love….H&M’s New Underwear Campaign

Every woman and gay man I know just drooled and rolled their eyes into the back of their head for one fabulous reason a la H&M. David Beckham, in underwear.

















I want to thank my gays at for making me aware of this. My Saturday is now complete. So is yours. Gaze upon the beauty that is Beck’s in underthings.

Thanks to H&M for bringing this delish dish campaign. I not only like your clothes but you give me fabulous things to admire on Saturday night.

Shia LaBeouf Continues to Spread His….Spread? ‘Nymphomaniac’ to Be Next Film.

Okay. I get it. Shia LaBeouf is known as a a mega brat on set and in person. To do a little damage control, he says screw the studios for screwing him. Then he appears nude in this Sigur Ros Video, ‘Fjogur Piano’ to prove he is an artiste. This includes an interpretive dance and him nude so this is very #NSFW;


Now he has decided to take things further. Monsieur LaBeouf has signed on to Lars Von Trier’s new film ‘Nymphomaniac’. And there will be REAL SEX in the movie. No stunt bodies here.

What the what?!

LaBeouf went on record stating

 “[The movie] is what you think it is. It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he’s making. For instance, there’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we’re doing it for real. Everything that is illegal, we’ll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.”

Wow, Disney to Transformers geek boy to artistic nudism to hardcore porn. Huh. Why am I not surprised?

Unfortunately his decision to participate, er, um, in this film has REALLY upset his girlfriend.

According to the;

t’s unclear if that’s the reason that Shia LaBeouf’s girlfriend broke down in tears on the street on Friday. However, if that wasn’t the reason, it was sure coincidental. Shia LaBeouf, 26, and Karolyn Pho, 23, have been together for nearly two years.

I respect the adult industry because they are straightforward about it,. However LaBeouf is being shifty in calling this just art and part of his movie career. I think he should just be upfront and maybe there would be less problems with his girlfriend.

What do you think?

Lindsay Lohan Needs a Bra and Shops, etc.

Look at this. What does it remind you of?


Nope it isn’t a circus freekshow performer (they have class), but it is lovely Lindsay Lohan and her boobies swaying in the wind.

Check it;


Yup. It’s our ever lovely ginge LiLo shopping in Venice wearing not-a-bra.

I feel like I am looking at someones auntie from a backwards po-dunk town with fake Chanel knock off glasses sucking on her chick stick, with way to much side boob showing. Or maybe a long-lost relative of Kim “Tardy for the Party” Zolciak.

Either way Lindsay tried to balance it out by bringing a slightly curvier than her friend, with her. This too was a FAIL because she rocked her flower dress, scarf and chick stick, making LiLo look trashier.

When will Lindsay learn? Looking like your drank a 40 and sucked down a carton of Pall Mall’s isn’t pretty. I’m wondering why her friend isn’t helping her get her cute on.

In the meantime this discerning fashionista asks only one thing. Lindsay please head straight to Agent Provocateur and go binge on lingerie like you do on drugs and alcohol. If you are going to be spending money you don’t have, make it count baby!

Richard Simmons Get’s a Little TOO Natural.

Dear Richard Simmons, you just pissed off Mother Nature. You just brought new meaning to the phrase ‘face plant’. (drum snap please)

What in the holy hell?

Richard Simmons decided to go for a stroll in the heat of LA two days ago in another of his strange, mind-boggling, retina-burning, outfits. Normally he ‘borders’ on weird. We are kind of used to him be a strange, but likable little man. This time, not so much.

As he poses proudly in the sun in his ‘Richard of the Jungle’ outfit I have to ask; is it just the heat or has dementia set in early?

What do you think? Let’s take a poll shall we;

Animegacon in Las Vegas and the Fabulous, Gothic, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita, La Carmina!

La Carmina is a friend of mine (as well as a few of her pirates, yar!). I consider myself very lucky to have met her when I was a gogo dancer at Batcave LA. She came to review it and we’ve been friends ever since.

La Carmina modeling for Sugarheart Magazine

Curious who this sexy latex-clad Asian diva is?

La Carmina is a worldwide traveler who is a gothic Lolita, visual kei, kawaii fashionista and foodie. Not to be missed she runs the blog As she travels the world she seeks out fashion, places and food of the weird. This has led her to work for The Huff Post, NHK TV, The Food Network & The Travel Network. Basically, she is not only a pretty face but smart as a whip too.

Here is your chance to meet her in the flesh and learn more about this gorgeous dollface in my favorite party town, LAS VEGAS, NV!

You can visit the site here to get passes;

What are you waiting for my darling geeks an freaks? Get your passes now!

L.A. Culture Night Out; Event by Leveled Magazine & Den. M. Bar

People seem to enjoy hating on LA.

We have been pegged as a soulless society of plastic people in tinsel town. That is why I LOVE proving the outside world W-R-O-N-G.
LA is a cool town, with too much to do. We thrive in culture, artistry with a neo-futuristic background to live in reminiscent of ‘Metropolis’. We have underground culture an are the bringer’s of new, not old.

Case in point I bring you Leveled Magazine & Den.m Bar’s Wednesday social at the Hive Gallery in DTLA.

Let me explain a little about the cool cats who ran this, starting with Leveled Magazine;

Their Mission; Bringing the culture of Los Angeles (and the world) to your brain. With everything from epic editorials to fierce fashion these guys have won me over. I get sick of ‘genre’ magazines that cover one maybe two things.

This month’s issue includes a Beautiful spread on Audrey Kitching and a weird editorial article & photo shoot with stars like Bobcat Goldthwait and Kathy Griffin.

Let’s take it a step further for the fashionably aware out there.
Los Angeles hippest custom denim company Den.m.Bar was repping this too. Den.M Bar for those not in the know is best described as a couture jeans company. Walk in and pick from a huge line of custom denim creating a jean for yourself that includes picking out your own zippers, pocket cloth and even thread. Custom is the 21st century ultimate couture and now it’s accessible.

Angelenos are notoriously picky ranging from food to clothing despite our casual looking lifestyle. Which is why I only go to events like this. With fashion, culture, and an open bar. Yes, Leveled Magazine had drinks mixing voddy with One Coconut Water or ever lovely Honest Tea. There was even fizzy Kombucha from the fab people at Health-ade.

Now you have a perfect evening. I even have the pictures below to prove it.
Check out the gallery below

Seem’s LA culture is alive and well. Perhaps the whiners out there will reel in the snotty comments on how LA ‘has no culture;.
Let’s face it kittens. When we do it, we do it right and with a BANG. LA’s luxe crowd never looked so cool in 100 degree weather.

Check out all the sponsors and vendors involved.
Direct links to sponsors:

Fashion Film of the Day – Ishiko with Azzedine Alaia

I happened across this video thanks to the amazing people at (subscribe!). It is a gorgeous fashion film with Ginta Lapin wearing nothing but AZZEDINE ALAIA. So perfect it literally made my afternoon better.

The little info I know about the directors is it was done by Santiago & Mauricio. Whoever you are, Que Bella!


Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle Styled By Designer Thierry Mugler

Recently I wrote a rather scathing piece on Hathaway/Catwoman and the Dark Knights choices for her horrible jumpsuit.

There may be a lighter side to the costuming in the Dark Knight.

I STILL have no love for Hathaway as Catwoman, or her costume with the mini ears. I loathe her lack of sex appeal and appreciate he was doing her best. I did however read an interview with the costume designer.

Turns out when lovely Anne was working the crazy as Selena Kyle her wardrobe was, thankfully, styled by a fashion mogul and mastermind. Thierry Mugler.

In case you are unfamiliar with Mugler, he ruled couture in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He did all the costuming for George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’ video, has worked with the top supermodels in the world, was in the movie Pret-A-Porter and made pieces of costuming/fashion like this.















And then he stopped making fashion.

Now his Jewelry and Perfume collection are the only things to be found. However every once in a while a semi-retired genius will come out of his shell to create. ‘Dark Knight’ snagged Mugler who styled Anne as Selena Kyle’s outfits. HIS style came out looking like this;

I am pleased to see that Thierry has not lost his touch in creating magnificence.  Sexy, scintillating, cat-like and very not Anne Hathaway this is magnificent. I only hope someone see’s this and sticks it in a high fashion magazine (Vogue Italia I’m talking to you).

Bravo! Ce Magnifique Monsieur Mugler. You just saved my opinion of the Dark Knight and Anne Hathaway as a model.

News of the WTF. Strange New Findings in the World of Science; Penis Snake and TITANOBOA!

Science never ceases to amaze me hen it comes to new findings and strange animals, reptiles, amphibians, etc. It’s icky, gross and often VERY threatening. This is fine when it is extinct.

I recently had the chance to view documentary on ‘Titanoboa’. I figured it might be a fun romp into Docu land with a few added giggles. Instead it has turned me into a creature obsessed.

This colossal snake is closely related to the Amazonian Boa. This is frightening because it exists today. However Titanonoa died 60-63 Million years ago. The reason I preceded with the picture above is that Titanoboa was a MONSTER that could devour a large human without blinking.

According to;

By comparing the sizes and shapes of its fossilizedvertebrae to those of extant snakes, researchers estimated T. cerrejonensisreached a maximum length of 12 to 15 m (40 to 50 ft),[4] weighed about 1,135 kg (2,500 lb),[1] and measured about 1 m (3 ft) in diameter at the thickest part of the body.[5][6]

For Americans, that is 50 feet long, 2+ tons, its width larger/higher than your bed or kitchen table. And able to eat small mammals in a single bound with jaws that open to the size of a doorway in your house.

Still not sure how big it would be, check out these photos from The Smithsonian Exhibit

Mother’s hide your children! No, just kidding. However there is a lot to be learned from this behemoth. I just scientists don’t get a bug up their buttt and decide to clone this bad boy.

Want to learn more? Follow Titanoboa on Twitter @Titanoboa.

You can watch the documentary on Titanoboa here;

Click the Image to watch the Documentary

Now to move on to something slightly more alive and slightly more disgusting.; The Penis Snake

Yes, it’s real and it’s really, really gross looking.

This limbless amphibian is the newest find in the Amazon. The Amazon is full of new undiscovered species and plants. This happens to be one of them.

According to the, they found this beast in Brazil.

Monga Bay reports that the strange creature was discovered while the Madeira River was being drained as part of a damn building project in Brazil’s Madeira River. Biologist Julian Tupan said that six penis snakes were found at the bottom of the river.

The amphibious creature is know as  Atretochoana eiseltiis. The scientists ho have found it and studied it tried calling it a ‘Floppy Snake’. Unfortunately due to its, um, happy face, shape color and size, it was re-dubbed ‘Penis Snake’.

I personally am fan of going PG-13 with this little guy, and calling it a trouser snake to soften the blow.

What do you think it should be called?


Lilo and Sheen Sign for Scary Movie 5. Holy Hell, the Apocalypse/Rapture is Upon Us!

(Photo straight stolen from Michael K and crew at because it is too good not to share

According the lovely people at E! Charlie Sheen is back for another romp in the scary movie series. This should be interesting with his ‘Tiger Blood’ on set, i.e. crackhead craziness.

Wait there is more, Lovely Lindsay Lohan aka LiLo has signed on too. Oh…Em…Gee….Fuckballs. This is beyond interesting. I expect this to be ….HIGH-larious. Imagine the Wizard and Queen of drug addiction together. What kind of insurance do you need for that kind of movie? Holy bejesus!

As far as Lohan she once again, or should I say notoriously, has NOT signed a contract yet. So um, is she in it?

Her rep said that, “as of right this moment,” she had not inked a deal, but all insiders are in agreement that she is definitely doing the movie.

Sources also say that the ever-comebacking Charlie Sheen, despite being uncomfortably killed off in Scary Movie 4, will be back for the next sequel, which is being touted as a complete reboot of the franchise and is due in theaters Jan. 11, 2013.

Oh eff me, really. This is like all the other movies Lindsay says she is in. They want her but she is even HIGH-er risk than Sheen who at least has a REAL career backing him up. Maybe he can use his magic Wizard powers to push this through because it will be a must-see movie.

Lets hope neither one OD’s or dies half way through shooting I kind of want to see this made.

Sigh, that’s Hollywood.

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