Daphne Guinness + David LaChapelle = Inspiration

I believe that it important to remember that we live in one of the most exciting era’s of Fashion. The 21st century has brought us some of the most important Fashion icons since Coco Chanel.

I wanted to share some of the mad genius that is being devised now with two of my favorite and most important influences. David LaChapelle and Daphne Guinness.

David LaChapelle’s imagery is creationism at it’s best. Color, vivid imagery and a twisted mind has set him apart and brought him to the forefront of both art and photography.

Daphne Guinness, although the heiress of the Guinness fortune, has become an icon in Fashion as a model, collector of couture, designer, creator of her own make up line for MAC and best friend of the late Alexander McQueen but continues to inspire.

Together they conceived one of the most stunning photos I have ever seen.


Guinness Submerged herself repeatedly underwater for up to two minutes in order for LaChapelle to get a perfect shot.

The imagination is limitless. Dream big darlings. This proof you can always exceed even your own expectations with inspiration.