What Pornstars are Wearing

Last month I went to the XRCO adult awards at The Highlands. Sadly my night got cut short but before it did I had a chance to see and ask about some of the fashion they wore. Surprisingly it was as far from the Hollywood Blvd. slut dress as you can get.

Despite wearing a completely lace thong and catsuit (yeah I know it’s sexy, so I am giving you pics) Diamond Skin isn’t your porntastic girl at all. She is actually a heavy-duty shoe-ista.

Lacey and downright working it

Diamond Skin also rocked a pair of $265 Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Spiked Booties. This makes me want to be her new BFF. The girl rocks porn and fashion?

I was happily surprised to find out that although porn stars like bling, they don’t trash it up at all. In fact these ladies were wearing the most elegant and classy necklaces I have ever seen.

I assure you these are classy ladies who know how to bring fashion with a little reaction. Brilliant, beautiful and sometimes naked.

Never under-estimate a porn star. She just might be the girl you are fighting at Barney’s over the limited edition shoes you want. Chances are she’ll win the smack down too.