Steve Madden thinks he is Immature and the Olsens are a ‘PAIN’. They are. I used to work there.

I love writing about the Olsen twins because I used to work for them.

I can tell you from experience Ashley is sweet and smart, Mary Olsen is part of the ‘IDGAF’ tribe and 75% of their success should go to Jill their awesome handler (not pictured here).

Steve Madden collaborated with them for the last few years on shoes for their Elizabeth and James fashion line.

Recently Steve Madden had spotted the line ‘Superga’ in Europe and bonded over it with Ashley Olsen (the brains of the sisters, TRUST ME) cause she was all, “I love Superga”. Madden was hypnotized by Ashley’s superior twin power, transfixed by her shiny pearls and according to the NYPost said,

‘I’ll get it for you, I’ll bring it to America and you’ll be my creative director.’

How can you say no to the midget Goddess’ of messed up fashion?

Problem being although Madden insisted the girls were mature and ‘wordly’ for 25 years old, he also declared them a ‘pain in the ass’.

 They are difficult. They are exacting. They are a pain in the ass. But they’re very good though. No. They’re awesome.

Nice cover Steve, nice CYA moment.

I fully agree they are messed up and slightly bitchy, BUT they are just perfectly, sugary sweet. See how I did that? I suggest that every bitchy fashion queen learn from Madden. Remember it’s ‘OK’ to rip your business partner apart. Just end the comment with a positive and no one will be the wiser.

I’m looking forward to see what Madden and the twins come up with. Their new ‘Superga’ collection should be interesting. Despite the ‘pain in the ass’ part Dualstar Ent. is a thriving business, FOR A REASON.

Here’s to ‘bitchy queen’ Steve Madden whose shoe’s are forever fabulous and ALWAYS uncomfortable. Here’s to the ‘pain in the ass’ Olsen’s and their next billion dollar clothing venture.

We salute you for making fashion industry interesting.