Interview with Sophie Dee at Bizzy B and one sweet smelling Imani Rose! #sexysaturday

I think the adult industry has a bad rap. I am sure that years of puritanical rules and consistent lessons of ‘sex is bad and dirty’ a la conservative myth’s might have something to do with that. None of this is true. They are not only regular people but they are cuter, better dressed and sometimes better behaved than a lot of fashion people and celebrities icons of the moment.

Both girls were dressed really nicely and were completely sweet, personable and professional. About a minute after I got there both girls attention was drawn outside.

What the what?!

Turns out some sweetheart of a food truck guy drove all the way from the Valley to bring/make Sophie Dee an ice cream sundae! Awwwz with a side of ‘how-effin-cute-is-that?’

Sophie Dee enjoying ice cream

There were a few industry photogs outside and Imani Rose went out to pose with them.   Seem’s got distracted by an uber enthusiastic and  sweet fan.

Loyal Fan/New Recruit

Isn’t she friggin gorgeous? I had no idea adult stars were this well dressed and rocked the pretty so hard. Don’t believe the myth about porn = trashy kittens. These girls are sexy-licious and they OWN IT.

The rest of the afternoon these girls got swamped with fans, interested lookie loo’s and random shoppers who got drawn in by the girls.

Crowd starting to form

Really it’s amazing to see these girls work their asses off in a non adult aspect. Their dedication to a rocking hot movie industry and performances in both adult AND mainstream movie’s is a full-time gig.

Mainstream you say? Yep. I spoke with Sophie Dee about the latest mainstream movies she was in quite recently. Turns out horror movies are a genre she just adores and is excellent in. I got exclusive details on her new horror flicks.

Enjoy the interview BELOW, click the linky

 **Interview with Sophie Dee 6/2/2012**

Interview with Sophie Dee at Bizzy B on her new movies in mainstream horror

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