Man Cured of AIDS: Stem Cell Transplant Successful

Yes it’s real…

Timothy Brown received a stem cell surgery in 2007 for leukemia and ended showing no signs of the virus after making him the only man to have been cured from AIDS.

– Timothy Brown (Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images)

Timothy says he feels guilty being the only man ever to beat HIV/AIDS, but it was no fluke. Doctors found a genetic mutation that can help beat this.

Brown got lucky. The blood stem cells he received came from a donor with a special genetic mutation that made him resistant to HIV.

The genetic mutation occurs in less than 1  percent of Caucasians, and far less frequently in people of other races. Before Brown got his transplant in 2007, doctors tested nearly 70 donors for this genetic mutation before they found one who was a match.

There is hope for others as well. Doctors are looking into Umbilical Cord transplants as an option. Read the full article from ABCNews below;