Happy Independence Day…KATIE HOLMES! We salute you.

We were all waiting for it to happen. Yes, her contract finally ran out.

Katie Holmes is a free woman and with her high heel diva, Suri, is leaving her closeted gay, megalomaniac, Scientologist husband, Tom Cruise. HOORAY!

She EVEN went shopping for 4th of July supplies today at Whole Foods like a normal West Hollywood actress.

“I’m all right,” the 33-year-old actress told the Daily News as she pushed a shopping cart carrying the couple’s adorable daughter Suri.
“Thank you,” she said graciously.

Aw. We’re glad you are ‘all right’, but are you?

Katie Holmes career has TANKED. Her fake marriage to Tom Cruise made sure of that. Two celebs, one spotlight. Guess who won that battle. Hopefully now that she off the barley water Suri will help her get her inner diva back.

Tommy boy is letting her go RIGHT during this whole Travolta scandal thing. Tom Cruise is gayer than Richard Simmons at The Abbey on a Saturday night. He also has a security team called Scientology. Scientology will be on her like Paris Hilton on vodka. They swear they aren’t tailing her, but we know better. He will not be letting her expose him and his not-so-secret, secrets.

That is the job of annoying bloggers like me.

No matter what they nasty details may be folks, we have Katie Holmes, cutie from Dawson’s Creek back.

Katie Holmes, WE SALUTE YOU!

Welcome back to reality. Xenu doesn’t live here.