No You Can’t Have It, Yes We Want It; World’s Most Expensive Dress!

There are some things so opulent in life even the very, very rich 1% window shop it and drool at the thought of SOMEDAY getting it into their hot little money-laden hands. And that something is this;

Introducing, the world’s most expensive dress!

This beautiful dress is made by designer Debbie Wingham, weighs in around 30 pounds in weight, carries 25 carat black diamonds on the peplum and shoulder shrug and costs a nice fat $5,682,950.

See the black diamonds? Neither do I, but I still want this dress.

Heading towards Five million seven hundred thousand dollars this dress makes the VIP crowd in Dubai shake in their shoes. Wingham states it took 6 months to hand sew every little diamond and design this diamond darling. Her inspiration and thought’s for this pricey dress?

(The dress is)an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life

I think we all love life but this is for someone with a never-ending bank account. Most certainly not made for the average diva (perhaps Aretha or Ms. Diana Ross).

If you had an extra 5.7 million lying around would you buy this dress?