Santa Cruz-ing for the week

You may have noticed I have been MIA in Los Angeles culture as of late. Well this week has been a flurry of activity, but it’s been up north in Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruz IS a tourist town with tons of nature to see and experience. The trails up in UCSC ar made for hiking and mountain biking. The ocean is gorgeous and impressive and vegan, raw and organic eats are everywhere.

Here’s are a few highlights, for both the traditional and nontraditional traveler.

Once a year the Monarch butterflies migrate to the Natural Bridges eucalyptus groves. It is also incredibly beautiful. You have NEVER experienced nature until you have seen this. (Imagine trees that are nothing but butterflies!)


There is Westcliff Drive to walk on or drive along and beaches galore.

It is where surf culture started and Santa Cruz Skateboards, you got it, came to life. Skaters do flock here and love ripping up the sidewalk and curbs. There is a skate park on Westside Santa Cruz.

There is a KICK ASS boardwalk with rides and attractions. I recommend the Big Dipper, the Haunted House and anything that goes upside down. For shopping and dinner you will find a nice outdoor mall that is cute and kitsch with a side of hippie culture.

Let’s recap;

You can ride two roller coasters and get traditional cotton candy and hot dogs with your family.

And play hacky sack after renewing your medical marijuana card all in one day.

Something for the whole family.

Yes, this is what Berkeley used to be or, aka the town all the retired hippies and stoned students live in. There is a ton to do if you want to save the Earth, protect the ozone and raise awareness about tree frogs. This is the ultimate crunchy granola Cali town to relax in.

If you feel like kicking off your Louboutin’s for a week and trading them in for a pair of Vibram toe shoes, this is the town to get your hippie freak on. Hit the Boardwalk (wear GOOD walking shoes) for the day and then ditch your relatives for a late night smoke out and micro brews with some locals.

Santa Cruzing indeed.