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“Break Free” with Ariana Grande. Prequel for My Weekend Warriors. #BurningMan #Vegas #Roadtrip


As the weekend draws near I realize how AMPED I am to ditch all you faithful readers and head off on my first vacation in 4 years. Yeah I am sure you think us bloggers are living non stop excitement and jet setting, but reality is we work our tiny heiny’s off. And I will be working in Vegas styling a secret shoot.

But it IS Vegas. What happens there during the end of Magic Fashion Market week, and a bunch of fashion people? Well, check my Instagram @HeathyrWolfe. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays, some ends up on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I like to share my debauchery.

With my fantastic weekend coming up, I can’t find a funkier space adventure that motivates me quite like this video. Here’s Ariana Grande with ‘Break Free’ featuring the madness that is Zedd.

For those of you not rocking Vegas, enjoy Burning Man!

August 30th, San Diego, @Kenneth_Barlis Fashion Show with Camille Wood (@dazzlmenow) #mustGO

As Labor Day weekend is upon us I find there are many things to do;

1) go to Burning Man

2) Got to pool party with mediocre food and drunks college kids

3) Go to EPIC fashion show in San Diego with Couture Gowns……

And of course I will be choosing three.


Kenneth Barlis is known for his events in the south-ish bay. His couture gowns are drool invoking and too fabulous. Not only that but designer, and personal favorite Camille Wood will be there showing her new animal inspired line. Add the beauty of San Diego and its Gaslamp District and I am off on another event covering adventure.

August 30th I will be there in spades (and a really gorgeous outfit) watching the magic happen and documenting it for all. Want to come rub shoulder with me and the other fan-tab-u-lous designers and fashion folk? Then come down! Buy tickets here;

by Messaging Kenneth Barlis HERE

I hope see you there. Get tickets fast its hitting capacity!

Kimye Poses as Jesus Christ in Brazil #Tacky #Tactless #StuntQueens

There comes a times when incredible egos do incredible stunts to be incredibly tacky to incredibly tabloid news. This would be one of them. Oh Kimye, What in Gods name are you doing?

Pregnant reality TV star Kim Kardashian wears a pink dress while her and boyfriend rapper Kanye West visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro












No. Literally. What in Gods name are they doing?

Recently Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West went to Rio De Janeiro to explore the wonders of Brazil. While at the ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue, they decided to pull a trashy tabloid photo for the Brazilian paparazzi. Like only a stunt queen can they posed together as Jesus Christ.

Not only was this in bad taste (hey, it’s Kimye) but also blasphemy  Seeing as Kanye has a long history of likening himself to Christ I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked. Annnnnnnd, we’re not.

The reason being is when eg-ho’s this big crash together, OF course they think they are bigger than JC. It’s alright to be disgusted by it. They are clueless and tactless.

This photo proves all of that. Note little boys look of disgust in background and Kanye’s look of herpaderp.


Is Your Prius a POS? 2.77 Million Toyota Vehicles RECALLED









How many times have I yelled at Prius drivers in West Hollywood for driving like asses, parking in two spots and making a left turn from the far right lane? Countless. How happy am I that I may have had good reason to be screaming in my AUDI? Never Ending Joy doesn’t cover it.

Toyota, Japan’s number one auto maker, has recalled 2.77 Million of their Toyota Corolla & Prius model’s due to fault’ int the steering and water-pump systems.

Bloomberg Business Week spoke with a Representative in Japan who told them;

The Prius hybrid and Corolla compact sedans are among the 14 models subject to inspection and repair, Naoto Fuse, a spokesman for the Toyota City, Japan-based company, said by phone today. The carmaker will recall 1.52 million vehicles in Japan and 1.25 million vehicles overseas, including 670,000 Prius vehicles in the U.S.

That’s a lot of Prius and Corolla’s being pulled off the road. Time to get shopping for a new car commuters. Turns out your status symbol/commuter car isn’t as reliable as you thought.

Don’t cry West Hollywood. There are tons of hybrids out there. You just never looked. Or you could get savvy and take public transport (no, not that!). But….nobody walks in LA.

What will you do if they have to recall your car?

In the meantime enjoy this song inspired by the recall.
Missing Persons Walking in LA (Nobody walks in LA);

Santa Cruz-ing for the week

You may have noticed I have been MIA in Los Angeles culture as of late. Well this week has been a flurry of activity, but it’s been up north in Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruz IS a tourist town with tons of nature to see and experience. The trails up in UCSC ar made for hiking and mountain biking. The ocean is gorgeous and impressive and vegan, raw and organic eats are everywhere.

Here’s are a few highlights, for both the traditional and nontraditional traveler.

Once a year the Monarch butterflies migrate to the Natural Bridges eucalyptus groves. It is also incredibly beautiful. You have NEVER experienced nature until you have seen this. (Imagine trees that are nothing but butterflies!)


There is Westcliff Drive to walk on or drive along and beaches galore.

It is where surf culture started and Santa Cruz Skateboards, you got it, came to life. Skaters do flock here and love ripping up the sidewalk and curbs. There is a skate park on Westside Santa Cruz.

There is a KICK ASS boardwalk with rides and attractions. I recommend the Big Dipper, the Haunted House and anything that goes upside down. For shopping and dinner you will find a nice outdoor mall that is cute and kitsch with a side of hippie culture.

Let’s recap;

You can ride two roller coasters and get traditional cotton candy and hot dogs with your family.

And play hacky sack after renewing your medical marijuana card all in one day.

Something for the whole family.

Yes, this is what Berkeley used to be or, aka the town all the retired hippies and stoned students live in. There is a ton to do if you want to save the Earth, protect the ozone and raise awareness about tree frogs. This is the ultimate crunchy granola Cali town to relax in.

If you feel like kicking off your Louboutin’s for a week and trading them in for a pair of Vibram toe shoes, this is the town to get your hippie freak on. Hit the Boardwalk (wear GOOD walking shoes) for the day and then ditch your relatives for a late night smoke out and micro brews with some locals.

Santa Cruzing indeed.