London Love – Taxadermia Sample Sale Necklace at A is for Arsenic

Reasons why I love London Fashion Number #2,000,000, Subject #Noir

This is a sample sale piece from A id for Arsenic I could die for but will just desire deeply instead. Really it is chi-chi chic. It takes a bite out of you while remaining couture-esque stylish.

Taxadermia Sample Royal Deer Crest Chain Necklace


The necklace description just makes it a complete want and need for the noir, fetishista stylish goth girl.

Taxidermia is a modern re-imagining of Victorian mourning jewellery and attire, a graphic world of dark Victoriana, memento mori and macabre taxidermy. Featuring vicious yet elegant designs with a nod to the past, Taxidermia is a thoroughly contemporary art jewellery and apparel collection created and constructed in London.

An extravagant statement piece, the ‘Royal Deer’ necklace is not for the shy or faint of heart. A detailed and intricate pendant design featuring silhouetted stags, animal jaws and Victorian flourishes. Hand made in London from high quality materials, the necklace is constructed from heavy black chain and is adjustable in length. The pendant measures 13cm wide x 9cm high and is cut from glossy black laser cut perspex.

It also comes in a custom A is for Arsenic box ti make you feel extra special


This just gives me a greater respect for London underground fashion culture. It really is a piece of noir grande. Lush, sexy and beautifully crafted. It completes my fashion fetish. Interested? Here is the Link to buy

A is for Arsenic Taxadermia Necklace

Happy Shopping!