Deathrock Legends 45 Grave emerge for a night in LA, 5/19 at Bar Sinister!

I try and remain unbiased with this site and write mostly about things fashion related. Tonight I must deviate from the norm and lug an amazing band who have played music longer than I have been alive.



Front woman and head vox, Dinah Cancer and her most amazing band will be descending on Hollywood for one night. The reason this is more important then your average music news is two-fold. First, I have een them live and I was BEYOND impressed. I am an old, jaded music head who blew her hearing out at row 1, seat 1 of Aerosmith so this says that they really are beyond the average ‘great’.

Second, 45 Grave just came out with a new album ‘Pick Your Poison’. I was at the CD release party for this in January and it is fresh. ‘Pick Your Poison’ is akin to that up, loud party music more Misfits than ‘traditional’ death rock. It’s impressive, fucking fun and worth investing your hard-earned dollars in.

And tomorrow night 5/19 they will play the ENTIRE album.

Here’s the deal goth kittens and kats; the flyer I post below gives you $5 off at Club Bar Sinister at Boardners.

ImageThey are at 1652 N. Cherokee ave, Hollywood, CA 90036. Doors open at 10pm, dress to be goth appreciated. 45 Grave goes on at 12 midnight to accommodate all you little nocturne’s.

Best part? I will be there too. Okay not the best part, but it will be a great time and even better show. $10 at door if you don’t bring the flyer so PRINT IT OUT, even if it is teeny tiny.

See you there katatonic kittens!