New This Wedding Season “Bridal Uggs”

It hurt’s me to type this, but it is true as verified by the Huffington Post, there are 100% authentic…Bridal Uggs.

Now I have always been on the fence as far as Uggs are concerned. I see they have a place in casual, laundry day, late night supermarket run and OMG it’s actually cold wear in CA. Although I refuse to own a pair, they are not Crocs and therefore, tolerable.

Bridal Uggs, though? Welllllll…….take a look at the official collection.

Complete with pretty white flowers to let you know they are ‘BRIDAL’ and not to be worn as a normal Ugg these babies include a lovely slipper Ugg, a shiny opalescent sequined Ugg and my favorite.

A Swarovski crystal Ugg that screams ‘I have too much money and no class’.

I suppose bridal parties like this made it inevitable.

So carry on Uggs. Destroy all that is sacred and turn yourself into Crocs. I hope the designers put an end to this and make this 2012 Bridal Collection ‘Limited Edition’.

This certainly tested my gag reflex writing this blog. Here’s hoping Ugg stop’s before it’s too late.