The World is ‘Metropolis’ Obsessed

Finding new blogs I feel ‘worthy’ of posting on here is difficult. I prefer quality, couture, art and the truly beautiful oddities in life. This is becoming much easier as I find that art nouveau is making a resurgence.

As I browsed the never-ending internet I found a few images from Interview Magazine that are  a must share worth.The underlying theme in these bring forth and reflect images from the 1920’s cult classic ‘Metroplolis’.

For those without the background knowledge, ‘Metropolis’ was a unique and amazing film that brought both art nouveau and the artistic Bauhaus art of the time together with, well robots and the concept of a Utopian society riddled with secret robots. This later inspired movies such as ‘Blade Runner’, ‘The City of Lost Children’ and every A.I movie…EVER.

More importantly it has shaped fashion and created an obsession with neck plates, chokers and breast plates as seen in this amazing set of photos by Mert &Marcus.

Amazing, indeed, but the following set brought sultry, sex and the ultimate fantasy to the human eye for me.

 This last photo especially as the model is decked head to toe in lace mask and bodysuit by the demigod designer known as Alexander McQueen.

This is the kind of inspirational clothing I need in my wardrobe. The complexity of design mixed with pure eroticism.

If you are curious to see the full spread by Interview Magazine,


If you would like to learn more about ‘Metropolis’ the movie,