Getting Your Platform On – Brian Atwood shoes

I love a platform shoe as much as I love my own mother. Seeing as I adore my mother, this is a testament to my adoration of anything that makes me ‘taller’ and elongates my sexy dancers legs. I am also hideously deformed in the fashion world at 5’2 and am seriously considering plastic surgery for my ‘shortness’.

Or the next best thing. The Brian Atwood platform shoe.

The too gorgeous in nude, ‘Alesha’ platform heel

I found his collection quite by accident on the ever lovely and am happy to say that not only am I a convert, but have been saved from the AWFUL knee extension plastic surgery I have been contemplating (seriously, ow).

Brian Atwood has brought the platform back and re-sculpted it so it’s not ankle breaking and wearable. If the ‘basic’ shoe is not your bag, his shoes transcend the norm and come in color.

And an open toe block heel, because walking around any city become unstable and it’s easier to ride the train in these.

Brian Atwood also has a flair for the dramatic in his shoes, and although it is a smaller platform I would buy it anyway. The almost art nouveau look just makes it worth it.

Yes, please!!

So sexy. Overall I am hooked like the shoe whore I am and have officially labeled his collection #shoeporn.

Next in my collection for red carpet fun…his platform noir artistique, the ‘Monster’ shoe! This was made for me.

Who wants some?

Brian Atwood shoe’s are available at Saks and of course Bergdorf’s. Happy platform hunting darlings. Let’s make it count!

Also more on the fab, gorg and sexy Brian Atwood here: