Electric Blue Nail French Fab, With a Little Help From Orly

I have recently gone from Sephora freak to Ulta convert. Partially because you don’t have an overly done make up queen asking you if you need help every five seconds.  I appreciate Sephora, and it is my first love, but I recently saw Ulta toting my new summer nail crush.

Orly French FX Kit


Every girl knows getting a french Mani is best done by the awesome Korean ladies down the street. Without them most of us girls would be wandering the streets and clubs picking bad nail polish off and flicking the chips in our drinks and at strangers. It’s ugly, but true.

Now they have everything packaged and ready to go for ladies who want it all and don’t want blah nude nails. In electric silver and blue. Boring nails be damned I am straight up going out and buying this. All the little overdone girls from WeHo will quiver at the mightiness of my French mani. And it will be blue…er, and silver!

What’s inside?

 Each kit includes two nail lacquers, plus Top 2 Bottom Basecoat & Topcoat All In One and complete manicure instructions.

I’m a girl about town and a mover and shaker so I will try anything once. Plus it’s for the good of women kind. At $15 the price is right.

And if it even comes out looking like this…

I’ve conquered normality and brought a little extra freaky into the Fashion scene. Off to Ulta to give my new obsession a try!

Happy shopping my blue babies.

Ulta.com link below!