Lindsay Lohan Collides with 18 Wheeler and Escapes Unscathed.

How lucky IS this girl?

After many trips to the hospital for ‘exhaustion’, time in jail, a drug and alcohol habit that knows no bounds, Lindsay Lohan, 26, is still kicking…..after hitting an 18 wheeler.

The actress hit an 18 wheeler in her Porsche destroying her car on PCH. Her passenger window shattered completely and rear bumper was fully off according to slimy website TMZ.

Picture is worth 1000 words

They weren’t kidding. Thankfully Lohan escaped with minor bruises and abrasions. An ambulance was called but she went to the hospital in a separate car.

Recently Lohan was filming Liz and Dick hoping to resurrect her flailing career. Although I think it’s blasphemy, here is one of the first promo pictures from

Lindsay is reportedly ‘ok’.

I am not sure if this is a good thing. I was kind of hoping she would spend time there and ‘dry out’.

For updates follow her on Twitter @LindsayLohan or check the trending topics on Twitter. Here’s to Lindsay 2 millionth scrape with death. That is one lucky little redhead.