Karl Lagerfeld Has a Wax Face, Literally

My obsession with Karl Lagerfelds world is out of control. Thankfully, I am not the only one who thinks this way.

In Karl Lagerfelds old hometown of Hamburg, Germany, he now resides in one of Germany’s oldest wax museum’s in his sexy little finger-less gloves and fab black suit.

Fakin’ Karl

Karl is not only immortalized, loved and amazingly creative but he know’s the fashion market as well. Originally he had a classic German last name of ‘Lagefeldt’, but dropped the T to seem more commercial.

Despite his name change his is still honored in Hamburg’s 125 year old wax museum. His pretty little face took a year to make!! I guess they are big on detail

I love this man. He is by far the classiest bitch in the fashion industry with a super powered brain under that white ponytail. At 78 he still manages to conquer and expand the house of ‘Chanel’.

Even better, his next collaboration will be with….drum roll please…

Shu Uemura!!

No stranger to cosmetics, Monsieur Lagerfeld will be creating a special make up collection for the holidays called ‘Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura’.

Simple enough.

Keep your eye’s open for it. No doubt it will be limited edition/super exclusive. Just like my dear Unkle Karl.