‘Girl Model’ a Powerful Documentary, Must See!

Normally I like to keep things light and fluffy. Often fun on here.

Being focused on the fashion industry I do like to share real finds as well. I ran across this on my live streaming channel and had to share.


It is powerful, moving and amazing to watch the transition as girls from Siberia are recruited to work in Japan. It is intense, sobering and fascinating to see the modeling industry through a 13-year-old, foreign teenagers eye’s and the narrator, and an ex-model, now scout.

Here is the trailer.

It struck a deep note with me and I believe it is something everyone should watch at least once. Ignorance is not bliss and this movie/documentary proves that.

Since it is limited in where it is being shown across the country, click this link and stream it.


Leave feedback and comments kittens. It’s the least you can do for a well made documentary like this.