Yes They’re Real and They’re Fabulous. Luscious Lash Review and How To.

Every time I see a mascara commercial on TV I can’t help mumbling under my breath. I believe it’s something along,” Grumble, so fake, as if.”

Having first hand knowledge of lash extensions and fake eyelashes really seals the deal and get’s me cursing. How the hell do they expect me to believe my lashes will look like this;

and that it will leave me feeling like this?

When all it does is clump, run, make a mess and make me look like a racoon.

Let’s face it. Unless you wear falsies (eyelashes not the other kind), or get the professional eyelash extensions everything falls flat. Not to mention always turns into a clumpy mess despite their promises not to.

Never fear! I have found the answer. And it will be good, for everyone.

It’s called, very appropriately, “They’re Real!”

Besides Benefit Cosmetics amazing ad for this it actually works. This mascara has a great brush that has NEVER clumped on me.

I am used to trying everything and anything. As both a wearer of false lashes and extensions I was surprised. I am so used to getting a nasty, gooky, stuck together brush halfway through my mascara this was refreshing.

The other thing that got me? The blurb on their webpage is true! *GASP*

they’re real! mascara~What else you need to know:

94% saw dramatic length & volume*
90% saw base-to-tip curl*
94% saw visible lift*
100% saw long-wearing results*

After using the mini one I got as a bonus at Sephora (check the bottom of the page for links), it did ACTUALLY make my lashes longer. No I am not being PAID for this.  This is all me sharing something too fabulous. (If anyone at Benefit should see this, you should send me a case, I love this stuff)

I have been using this for about 3-6 months now and the volume and length of my lashes is now over a quarter-inch and I no longer wear false lashes unless I am shooting or hitting the red carpet.

It is fiercely waterproof so invest in make up remover wipes or it won’t come off. After a shower I look like Tammi Faye Baker or a Kardashian post fake cry, if I don’t clean it off.



They have a small mini for $10 to try,

and it’s $22 for regular size

And of course there is the illustrious ‘Benefit Cosmetics’. You can find ‘They’re Real’ HERE:

Go get your eyelash freak on ladies. The ultimate mascara is here and yes, it’s real.

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