Get Yo Ass to Ulta West Hollywood/Update

Sorry I have been a non-blogger kittens. I hate missing out on the good stuff and I promise to update over the next day or so.

In order to make up for my blogging lack there of, I am bringing you good news from the land of West Hollywood or the evil known as, ‘The West Hollywood Gateway’.

Today as I flew around town doing a million errands I landed in ‘Ulta’, West Hollywood.


I can give you a million excuses. I’m a terrible beauty product slut and of course the #1 reason….I’m a girl.

Thankfully for once I come with great news that won’t break your bank account. At this moment this particular Ulta is undergoing a refurb in the middle of the store. Since it makes shopping there ‘inconvenient’ they have marked a ton of stuff down and are using this as a reason to have major ‘clearance sale’.

Oh hallelujah, and praise the Gods of Ulta. Although the discount is trickily stuck in the cheaper aisles to the far left, it’s there if you are willing to look.

I even scored a cheap indulgence for even cheaper than normal.


– Normally around $5-10, Right now it’s priced at $2.50

This bath/shower gel is nice, light and leaves you smelling great. It’s even ok for sensitive skin and doesn’t upset people with perfume allergies.

Get your bootie out the door kittens. Ulta West Hollywood is usually open until 9pm, 7 days a week.

Looks like this will last just long enough, you can get your make up and body freak on for cheap. Now that’s something everyone can love.