1st ep of Bounty Wars; You’ve seen my post’s, Now WATCH IT! (Video incl.)

I have been babbling and joyously promoting ‘Bounty Wars’. You have heard me sing the praises. I speak loudly when promoting the good shit. And this is.

Welcome to Discovery Channel’s…

Well, since it premiered it’s only fair I share the episode with you. Here is the complete video, Bounty wars, Season 1 Episode 1;


BUT, I ask only one favor in return. Your soul. Hahaha, just kidding.

But seriously folks…

1) Watch episode Two’s teaser here

And be prepared to catch next weekend’s episode on Sunday, 7/15 ET/PT 10pm

2) Get off your sweet butt and write a kick ass comment on Discovery’s comment section for ‘Bounty Wars’ HERE; http://dsc.discovery.com/show-news/bounty-wars.html

Let’s keep the good shows alive. It is SO hard to find good viewing these days.

Oh and if you are feeling incredibly motivated, spread the word. Every viewer counts.