Lindsay Lohan Lies…AGAIN.

I’d like to thank Michael K and crew at for this AWESOME photo.

Yes, the inevitable has happened. Lindsay Lohan lied AGAIN, this time about her Porsche accident. Remember the post where she hit a semi? Remember how it was the Trucks fault? Then it was the bad brakes on her rental Porsche.

Guess what hunny? No one believes the little redheaded blond who cries meth crystals anymore.

Porsche actually picked up the car. They tested the so-called faulty brakes and the test proved….drum roll please….they work perfectly.

According to;

Porsche picked up LiLo’s bruised and busted car from the place she rented it from and ran a few brake tests on it. Shockingly, the brakes worked fine and Porsche couldn’t find anything wrong with them. So the only thing broke is LiLo’s ability to barf up the truth.

Uh oh, the shit just hit the fan. Again.

Let’s see if she can bribe, talk, lie her way out the jail time she’ll be facing.

Do think Lindsay Lohan well dodge charges on her car crash or is Porsche going to reem her and throw her away to detox in jail AGAIN?