7/12/12 Artwalk Riot in DTLA; What really happened (how to ruin a good night)

Because news is heresy and I was there. I want to tell you my story and what REALLY happened.

First let me clarify, OCCUPY LA movement was not involved. If there were there on their own accord, they were bystanders who got drawn into POLICE/LAPD fire. Those people fight for their right peacefully.

Might I add this once again is forcing my dislike for the police in this town. Stalked for four years, they can’t help, someone attacked me in my house, they tried to victimize me and say I did it. I’m shaking my finger at you very vigorously LAPD (get it together boys).

In sequence my night started off lovely. My roomie came home from work hot and sweaty and I was taking her to her FIRST Artwalk in DTLA. We dressed up, were meeting friends. Perfect.

Then the rain started and it was even better. Cooling off everyone helped easy the aggro and we needed the rain. Add a perfect colorful LA sunset and a shot of vodka and my night was off to a good start.

The first thing I see as I get down to Artwalk is this loveliness.

Hooray for this window. Next we stopped off to see Tina Summers at her boutique half a block from 5th & Spring at ‘Uniqbill’ Boutique. My roomie got some serious spike earrings and we chatted.

I was warned by Tina and her family that there was a protest 1/2 a block west from 5th & Spring. Turned out the bullhorn I had heard was the cops ‘hassling people’ “Fine”, I said, we’ll just go the other way”. And we did, and it was fine.

We ventured into the Artwalk ‘I Art U DTLA Pop up Boutique at 521 S. Spring st.

It was packed full of happy and hot shoppers.

Look at all the angry people. Oh right, that is what is missing from this picture.

Stopping by Astera Leather’s booth we found awesome Gir coasters made of leather by Kim Weaver.

And headed over to view the awesome display at Candy Wax Cutie

These guys are a very cool creative collective of Artists, Photographers, Film Makers, Models, Fashion Designers and Make Up Artists who are making art in every way possible. I spoke to one of the girls there extensively. They really pulling together to be professional and unique in what they do. Check out the display of one of the Costumers.

After she gave us free Monster (hallelujah, free energy drinks) she warned us thing were bad outside on 5th how we came. Again I answered, “No problem we’ll go out the back” and we did.

That was about 10:20PM, and then shit started going bad as we exited on to 6th as we headed to 7th and Pershing Squares Metro.

First Police helicopters flew in, then we were passed by 10 cop cars sirens blaring shooting down Spring. In the midst of it all we walked a block to far so we cut across Pershing Square. There was chalk art everywhere. Kitties and rainbows and some hearts and the word ‘Peace’.  Really fun, innocent and cute. This is what the police were fighting with people about. Yep. Chalk art by sweet peace-loving kids.

As we neared 7th again and crossed the street we the police were about 50 feet from us. All in riot gear. Cars blocking the street, 20 cops in a line in riot gear. 15 feet from them, one stationed at each staircase leading into the metro at Pershing Square. I figured try getting in and if necessary run and catch it ANYWHERE else.

As we crossed the street we actually passed this kid, shirt up, surrounded by his friends taking cell phone pictures.

Weird finding a photo the next day.

I pulled my roomie away from him. At that moment we saw the elevator. Whipped around the corner, caught it with 5 others. Last minute a couple ran in. We all looked at each other and giggled nervously.

After that I called a few people CBS News and NBCLA were already spreading false facts. Police were hurt, etc. and it was an OCCUPY LA thing. It wasn’t.

Truth be told it was over some nice people passing out chalk to draw with. The kind you give a five-year old.The police didn’t like it and used force. Probably said it was destruction of property. Innocent bystanders got hit with rubber bullets and bean bags. Shot in the face and attacked for loving art and Los Angeles.

Not only that but they totally ruined my shopping buzz. Which is a far bigger sin than they know.

Unforgivably it was very real violence. Why this? And why on a night of festivities, music and promoting artists?

Thanks LAPD, You really ruined a beautiful night. For everyone

Below, My roomie and I post riot.

To support some of the artists from that night and help them out, check out their wares and promote them gt to these websites;

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http://candywaxcutie.com, http://oliverponce.com, http://jsinatramakeup.com

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