Nicole Scherzinger Needs a Sandwich

I know New York Fashion Week is coming up but there is such a thing as too little weight, even for the runway. Nicole Scherzinger seem’s to have found out what that is.

Recently revealed as the newest X Factor UK judge, the paparazzi snapped these not so lovely photos of Nicole as she was leaving the London Radisson.

Ouch Mami, you’re skinnier than me and I’m 5’2! And those low crotch pants make it worse. (As a post note I ask NO ONE wear these, they are NOT fashionable)

Nice back bones there. Excuse me while I go binge on pasta.

Her personal assistant needs to be fired for NOT FEEDING HER. A dancer should never be this skinny. Especially since she has always been hailed up for her gorgeous ‘curves’. If she thought wearing white would add weight to her photos, it did just the opposite.

As a new role model for girls in the UK we sure hope she starts eating healthier. Even Unkle Karl wouldn’t let this bitch down the runway. Take care of yourself Nicole, we don’t need another celebrity tragedy (we already have Lindsay Lohan).

One thought on “Nicole Scherzinger Needs a Sandwich

  1. She is a very pretty, very talented girl but I do know what you mean. She, like so many Hollywood Stars, could stand to put on a few pounds.


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