New ‘Man of Steel’ Superman Trailer

Well I do declare, looks like ‘Superman/Man of Steel’ will be really….AWESOME! Christopher Nolan you mad genius. Not only has he rocked the Dark Night fifty time over bringing box office records and creating Batman addicts everywhere but now this.

I had heard through the geek grapevine that it was on its way. ANOTHER Superman movie. Oh god. Of course I shook my head ‘nononono’ until I thought it would fall off. However looks like it will rock us just as much as The Dark Knight.

Check it out;


I love the reality edge and it looks dark, emotional and like they did Superman justice in the costume department. We don’t want another Wonder Woman debacle now do we?

I give the trailer a thumbs up. Who is with me?!!

One thought on “New ‘Man of Steel’ Superman Trailer

  1. Totally with u man ! This is the movie that will inspire a generation!
    I believe prince Snyder + king nolan can conquer any world ! I mean they are a killer combo!


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