*UPDATE* Robert Pattison Moves O-U-T of Shared Home With Stewart

I am happy to announce today Robert Pattison actually left the home he shared with Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles and moved out permanently. Hear that noise? Millions of Twihards just sighed and fainted.

Robert Pattison says he is ‘devastated’ and has had enough. Remember that ‘source’ from People? Well said source leaked this today.

“I’m not sure they will be able to recover from this,” a source for People said, “[Robert] is heartbroken and angry.” The 26-year-old British actor has cut off all contact with Kristen and remains in seclusion.

America’s highest paid actress just lost some of that 34.5 million dollars because her stock in the Entertainment industry just went down.

Here’s hoping Robert keep’s up the positive and recovers his broken heart. Something tell’s me he will have no problem moving on.