The Saga Continues! Charlize Theron is Pissed at Kristen Stewart for Being a Ho/Robert Pattison left.

Oh Kristen you little minx. I think I will be getting in line to hate on you because now you pissed off Charlize Theron.

Turns out little miss Stewart humped on the wrong man. Rupert Sanders has this as his wife;

Not only Charlize a straight Goddess but became GREAT friends with Liberty Ross (also Goddess). Like BFFs. They shared family dinners together and no doubt, play dates.

Even more twisted in this menage-a-gross, is the fact Charlize and Kristen were not only BFFs, but Charlize doted on her like a sister. Cared for her AND was going to name her godmother of her adopted son Jackson. Oh Snap! Guess that isn’t happening.

-Booo, oh wait is she happy? I cant tell.

What twisted horrifying thing could come next?

Well there is one more.

Robert Pattison was going to ask Kristen to marry him. Instead he moved out yesterday.

I hope cash warms her icy little heart, because after this, that is all she will have.