Kardashian Krisis for Khroma Beauty


Welcome to Khroma Beauty selling in a Sears near you.

As the Kardashians work on a business empire, their newest venture is into the beauty. It’s called Khroma. You too can look like an orange, plastic tart if you buy this. If it stays on he market.

Unfortunately the triple K sisters are in legal trouble for the second time with Khroma Beauty for the SECOND time in 3 months. This time they have a copyright infringement to deal with. A company called ‘Kroma’ run by Lee Tillett Inc., is saying they need to change their name because it is WAY too similar.








WHAT?!! The Kardashian’s are rip off artists?! Seem’s Hollywood and the Kardashians are OUT of idea’s.

My guess? I bet they make it go away with some nice cold, hard cash. Control freak and momager Kris will step in and make it right. Khroma is already selling online and these sell out’s have to get paid. What a shame. I kind of like Lee Tillet, Inc.’s beauty line.

As they say, only the good die young. That goes for business too.

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