Katt Williams Caught & Arrested #Finally #Duh


I guess Katt and Lilo only have so many get out of jail free cards and both just expired.

The look you see above is Katt Williams face when he finally got arrested for something. So far the funny man has escaped authorities on past charges for playing with guns and being ghetto but this time it stuck.

Katt was up Seattle and stopped by the World Sports Grille. There he got in a few verbal showdown with a few individuals and, according to the statement by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business.”

Here’s where Katt Brought the K-lassy. His psycho kicked in and he followed a family outside. According to the police report and EOnline.com Katt went full-scale ghetto;

As the family got into their car, Williams flicked a cigarette through a car window at a woman, striking her just below her eye,” said Spangenthal-Lee. “Williams also threw a rock at the family’s car.”

When arriving on the scene attempted to take him into custody, Williams subsequently resisted arrest.

After the Friday After Next star was finally subdued, he was booked into the nearby King County Jail for investigation of assault, harassment and obstructing police officers. A bail hearing was set for Monday afternoon.

Oh Homeboy. The problem with a life of crime? It will catch up to you.

I think Katt Williams will learn a valuable lesson. It’s that if you get booked on a weekend you usually don’t see the judge until Tuesday. He must have a REALLY good lawyer to be tried for bail today. Either way Micah ‘Katt’ Williams will most likely not get off with community service. We’re looking at jail time and a fine.

Flicking cigarette’s? Throwing rocks? Really?!

Funny man Katt, we’re sorry, but you aren’t so funny anymore.