Thing We Need In This World – Iron Man 3 Trailer in HD! #RDJr #Hot #Epic #Incredibadass


For someone so directly involved in Fashion I have to say I’m obsessed with dude movies. Things that make you squirm, the blowing up of things epic comic book heroes and super robots fighting for peace, justice and planet earth. I also like a bit of snark and witty banter.

Now who here can tell me what possesses all of those thing. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man of course. (This question is rhetorical thanks to the poster above.)

Well unless you were watching the Superbowl this year you missed the epic trailer. Mind you half the known world was, so there is really no excuse. But for the three people who were on a plane, or not in front of a TV for this epic coolness, here it is.

Looks like RDJr/Tony Stark is heading to the DARK SIDE. Vader is totally doing a happy dance right now.