Memorial Day Movie Goodness, ‘Wolverine’ Trailer #Yes #ComingSoon #MovieHappy


Because in America we don’t ‘really’ honor Memorial Day as day of the fallen (we should), I give you a movie trailer. It is about a soldier but that is where the similarity ends with the whole holiday thing.

Let’s segue way in the awesome-ness that is Wolverine.

I LOVE Hugh Jackman. Anyone who can sing, dance, act ponce-y and be buff bad ass with facial hair issues is a hell of an actor. He needs a walk of fame star, and if he has one, he needs another. Besides being a great actor he play’s Wolverine to the teeth and kick’s ass at it. Hugh Jackman is owning this movie. The story line is epic and as a lead actor he know’s what he is doing.

I am dying that they went Japanese with this and they have a hot girl samurai warrior played by Rila Fukushima.

Rila Fukushima is not only great with a sword, but is a 5’7 fashion model from Japan. She started by working with D&G in 2004 and she has been a non-stop campaign and runway girl since. Rila has worked with Ben Taylor and rock god, Lenny Kravitz, as a video girl making her talented and hot. I am glad to see her expanding her sexy, crazy skills. Score one for Japan!

Last and never least, Famke Janssen. I have seen her bottom out and have taken some paycheck movies so to see her back as Jean Grey is awesome! Something about tall Dutch hottie’s (see Yolanda RHOBH).

Famke Janssen is smart, can act and at 47 (yes 47 boys) is a hot 6 foot tall Dutch girl who can steal any man’s heart. I am eternally thankful for the director’s casting her in this as the one X-men comeback character.

Think I’ve talked this movie up enough? Want to know why? Watch….