Valentines Day gifts for her; bags and purses edit!

Valentines Day… COMING!!!! Oh no!

We all have that last minute moment where we need to gift on Valentines Day. You could be in a couple, and loving your SO (Significant Other). Maybe you want to impress someone. For those who are hating the dreaded day;


Here’s How;

People always need extra storage on the go. Backpacks and wallets being our primary need for storage got me thinking. What are some of the best, well-made, budget friendly options out there?

Using a budget of $250 and under I looked at some of my favorite websites to see what was available. Always looking for a good buy, as a stylist

From the West to the East here are my favorites.

Coach Charter Backpack blue $247.50 was $495


Pro is the storage, the color, and the slashed price. Coach is not expensive, but they are not cheap either. Pro is the price and cool look, also Coach.

Con is that it’s still just scraping budget of $250. With room, and style like that, I’ll make allowances. EDIT: Comes only in Black, and NOW fully customizable buttons, pockets etc.

Let’s talk about this cute little half flap wallet.

Coach half flap wallet with chain $95

This captivated me with its cuteness. Pro is the gold and cream look which goes with everything. Day to night, work to lay. The chain is detachable which is a major pro incase I want to put it in my purse or tote. Con, snap does not zipper, too easy to get into, by not me. Also coin spillage!! I can say the one thing this won’t go with is red carpet or club nights. More colors please!!!

Back to backpacks. Dagne Dover is hands down one of my favorite companies ever. They make super storage look chic, and this backpack is all about that.

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack violet $139 was $185

On Sale!! My favorite two words.

 This backpack is ready to go. Neoprene, with a Repreve shoe/dust bag inside. This is a sturdy backpack for all ages, sizes, and treks. Net pockets are a bonus. As always with Dagne Dover, 100% Vegan. This helps the environment, and again, is on sale for a decent price. Con is neoprene which can look a little frumpy design wise. But…. moving on to some other cool eco style.

Their Pink Organic Cotton Zebra Wallet for Credit cards!!!!

Dagne Dover Skye essentials pouch in zebra pink wallet $25 was $35

Couldya Die?? On sale for $25 dollars such a huge pro. Environmentally sound too! Another pro is space. Check this out.

Not short on space for all your change, dollars, credit cards and a few little extras, Dagne Dover never falls short.

Only con, is organic cotton, if you’re looking for something slicker. It does come in their harder canvas.

What about if you’re feeling more street diva and need something for all sorts of weather. I’m looking at you East coast.

DKNY Maya Backpack $188

 This is the DKNY Maya Backpack and she’s a beauty. At $188 she’s durable, will hold an extra sweater and pair of flats for fashion week. Extra pockets on the front and side for a cold brew coffee. Con, it is heavy, bulky, and frankly at $188, it’s not on sale. I love DKNY, but at 5’2, it’s just not the right backpack.

The DKNY Thomasina is what every girl who loves logos wants.

DKNY Thomasina Wallet on a string $69 was $78

It’s got a small wallet for your credit cards and comes with a small purse. I chose the cream and tan logo, but for nighttime they have it in black and gold. Equally yummy. On sale which is perfect for my pocketbook. Con? The little purse strings don’t detach like the Coach bag does. Somehow, I’ll live Overall, I have a favorite in each category. I’m living for the Coach blue backpack, the zebra cotton wallet from Dagne Dover, and the Thomasina from DKNY.  All these work for all the fashion season’s. It’s all about your personal choice. What are your favorites?