The new modern minimalism, in Fashion

or, why you should forget about cottage core.

Sorry I dead posted my page fashion fanatics. Covid kills the your writing drive. Now that I’m caught back up in the fashion industry, and have worked with the great folks at Fascinate Media and, it’s time to write about what I know best. FASHION!!

Fashion as an industry is changing, or has changed a LOT. We’re talking about a new modern minimalism vibe, mixed with intense bold color choices. Sustainability, upcycling and using deadstock.

About 1-2 years ago, not long after covid hit we need fanciful, easy clothing. Shift dresses, romantic puff sleeves, Laura Ashley farm flower prints were everywhere, even Target.

Cottagecore reigned supreme and we were thrown back into farms of yesteryear which was greeted with a lot of silly memes.

For a brief period in 2021, we hit the hard 2000s, fake looks, plastic surgery extremes, and silver eyeshadow with crop tops.

Thank God designers had enough of that. It then mutated back into a Punk grunge look. Look up Vivian Westwood, and 90s grunge. Think big boots, jeans, and heavy eyeliner.

Let’s talk about what is happening to fast fashion and runways now. Natural minimalism and COLOR!!!

Thom Browne NYC showed us patch of surrealist minimalism.

For the #MetGala Gucci created a dress out of deadstock for Billie Eilish.

Deadstock is material in bolts that have been used and are headed towards a landfill. Great choice Chanel Pre-Cruise Monte Carlo collection showed simple leisure. Red classic Chanel tweed in a smple suit. Classy, chic, comfortable. Perfect for hot summer in the city., and brunch at The Beekman.

Full of a modern vibe. Karolina Zmarlak, a Polish Designer, is bringing us upper eastside New York City minimalism. Outfits have been upcycled and you’d never know it from these clean minimalist looks.

SheIn has become a fast fashion giant. IFYKYK. A side effect of that is that it is heading straight to the landfills. Time to recycle, reoutfit, or alter to keep using. Tired of it, or forgot to return? Sell on Poshmark, or Mercari. We have to be conscious of our clothing.

2022 has been a year of change. Fashion has tossed the frump, for sleek and sexy minimalism. You don’t need throw away your cottagecore dresses. They are perfect for summer outings, but come fall it’s time to get back to looking les farm more charm. Cliché? Yes, and true.

Until our next adventure in couture. Heathyr

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