Balmain Bisous for the Bitch Goddess

I found the ultimate pair of pants.

They are dark, motorcycle bitch goddess sexy and not for the novice. these are utterly modern, stylish and unique. They are succulent, sexy and make your posterior look beyond amazing. They are…Balmain.

Who is Pierre Balmain and why has he stolen my heart? A quick history;

 Pierre Balmain was born in St Jean de Maurienne, Savoie, in 1914. After the end of the war, in the autumn of 1945, having studied under the greatest couturiers of the time, Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, he opened his own Couture house and set up business in the Rue François 1er. (Source from

The house of Balmain has a history that is rich, colorful and IS the name of luxury. Balmain bridges the gap between old couture and new street style. I admire the designers they have for taking a dash of Mugler and mixing it with Dior-esque timeless charm. That is why these tasty little wax jeans are my new obsession.

Pierre Balmain Wax Coated Stretch Pants

They are sexy and oddly enough high-end enough they can be thrown in the mix for a red carpet casual look. I also can see my self riding a motorcycle in them. Rough and tumble with sass and ass.  Brings out my diva bitch while keeping it classy (right ladies?).

Balmain embodies Paris but also a worldwide savoir faire. They know something the rest of us have yet to catch on to. How to keep casual sexy. Balmain is my new love. It is parfait amour with 1,000 Balmain bisous.

Don’t worry kittens, I’ll save kiss for you.