Mr. Black LA, ass less chaps optional

Hollywood is the land of dreams, nightmares and all surreal and plastic things coming to life. We are a land of living dolls and beauty queens. If you mix the VIP nightlife, add a dash of make up queen and some really good music you get Mr. Black LA.

I have to give endless amounts of props to Luke Nero. It’s his baby. He started it in NYC and made a seamless transition to LA. I am happy to say this is one of the only free clubs in Hollywood, is at the LUSH club Bardot, has an open vodka bar from 9:30-10:30pm (sorry it’s 21+ kids) and has waiters…in ass less chaps.

Why it took me this long to go I will never know, but thankfully my friend, and resident DJ Josh Peace got me to go. He is a king amongst men and his sets are professional, well mixed (how many DJs do not know what they fade slider is?!!) and he’s a great guy.

The crowd is a perfect mix of drag queens, make up queens, gays, straights, rockers, Lenora Claire, Luke Nero, art geeks and the just plain normal. For this reason I got fabulously dressed up in my Adolfo Sanchez spike hat, my Toxic Vision Corset and the biggest heels I could find.

During my night I got compliments, picked up and twirled by a gorgeous 20 something, flirted with by boys, girls and talked to a completely interesting and diverse crowd of club goers.

When I had to leave early, the dance floor was packed and  it was difficult to get out the door.  I said a sad goodbye to Josh Peace who was playing and amazing set and was in the ‘DJ Zone’. we said a sad good-bye to the nice ass less waiter with mickey mouse ears and headed out for the walk home. (Don’t drink and drive please)

Will I go back? Absolutely. Tuesday nights are now reserved. If you want to find me I will be dancing the night away at Mr. Black’s LA at Bardot in Hollywood. Luke Nero has created the perfect club to get your freaky geek on. No matter what you are looking for it’s there. Just be careful what you ask for. You will definitely get it.

Mr. Black LA is every Tuesday, 21+ at Bardot (btwn Hollywood Blvd/Yucca on Vine St.)

1737 North Vine Street  Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 462-1307