Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier are Creating New Chaos Du Jour

Oh, I can hear all the gays in West Hollywood screaming with joy as I write this. Madonna, our diva, yoga queen, gay icon and on her off days, goddess, is deep in rehearsals for her new world tour.

Now this is enough to make everyone scream with terror and delight but the real news is the costumes, once again will be created by his holiness, Jean Paul Gaultier. Who, well, J’adore more than Dior.

Not only is he a design master but at her past concerts he brought this iconic outfit.

And more recently this hotness

Yes, this should make for a way hotter concert because JPG and Madonna work together in a perfect symbiosis.

I know I am not the first fashion/event blogger writing this, but I do have an edge. I just caught this tweet from @JPGaultier yesterday:

Yes! Jean Paul Gaultier posted the first exclusive pictures of Madonna’s fabulous, dragtastic crew doing rehearsals in the new costumes. And this diva bitch showed up.
Frankly I would pay to see this fan master whoop it up, but Madonna is a nice bonus. Note also the use of JPGaultier’s traditional Breton stripes on boobs up front. This look’s too good.
So I leave you fashionisto/a’s with this bit of Lady M and her new music. Are you going for the costumes or music? Oh, who cares.
Enjoy your ‘Girl Gone Wild’.

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