True Blood Will Proceed to Consume You In 3…2…1…

(Happily stolen from the genius known as George Takei)

Oh yes. Our favorite ign’nint, blond, fairy (WTF?!) southern waitress and crew are about to come back into our lives. Sookie will continue to be ‘Fuckin’ Sookeh’, Bill will be moody and lie, Eric will look sexy while he cheats the vampire community and ‘loves’ Sookeh and Lafayette will turn into a possessed demon, bitch medium, shaman….well bitch.

Not to mention some surprises the writers have like Russell Edginton, who is by far my favorite antagonist. Also he was REALLY messed up in ‘American Horror Story’.

Tune in on your flatscreen for the mayhem on JUNE, 10th for fangbangin’ fuckery!

I’ll be streaming this and screaming at my TV like the rest of you.