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True Blood Season 6 Trailer. Made for #FangBangers #NSFW #Hot


Let’s face it. Season 5 was a total bust. I am a long time fan of True Blood but they totally failed me in Season 5. There was not enough sex, there was not enough blood and the plot was so thin, a 1-year-old with a butter knife could have cut through it.

I guess there were a few highlights. All involving Eric half nekkid. Other than that, we learned fairies are lame, like sex and all vampires are narcissists. This could be season 2.

And then there was the Season 6 trailer…..and it made me say….

Sweet Jesus.

With a limited run of only a few episodes we have everyone naked, more blood than a 80s gore movie, tons of battling, shoot ’em up, blood lust AND…..lots of Eric’s awesome chest. Way to go Mr. Skarsgard, you’ve been hitting the gym. (Team Sweden FTW!!)

Words cannot explain the joy I got (especially below the waist) when watching this. Sex, Blood and gospel music. It’s a WIN!

(Trailer is kind of NSFW/PG-13)

True Blood Season 6 Promo Video Looks Wicked Good for True Blood #Billith #TheEnd #Showdown

True-Blood-Season-6Since I am a firm believer in NOT celebrating April Fool’s Day I thought it only fitting I give you something that is true.

True Blood that is.

Yes, True Blood Season 6 promo trailer has been released, and it looks like the writer’s went back to their roots. No sparkling, lot’s of blood, sex and lots of weird. Vampires, fairies and brujas oh my!. Add a few burning buildings and a really pissed off Billith, it seems we are back in business.
But wait. No we aren’t. Here’s the kicker. Season 6 of True Blood doesn’t start until frigging June 13th. And the season will be extra short with a rumored 10 episodes. WTH?
Until then will be forced to watch network TV (except Game of Thrones).


No Billith for you.

Waiting is half the fun tho right? No it isn’t. While you are sitting suffering my dear fangbangers, here’s a promo for you. Enjoy it, because until June we are fangtastically….screwed.

Oh Sookeh! You’re Pregnant? And premiere of True Blood TONIGHT!

Tonight is the premiere of Season 5 of true Blood and we’re all salivating, drooling and scratching at the TV screen for some hot fangbangin’ action.

Orrrrr, maybe we are just waiting for more of this.

Naked Eric, Faery Sookeh, and dark brooding Beeeehl, it’s all going down tonight on HBO. However I am curious how thing’s will go this season since they probably had to cover up this.

Yes our favorite ‘fucking Faery’, as Pam says, is pregnant and has been for a while.

After a wonderful on/off-screen romance, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin tied the knot in August 2010. Thousands of fans of True Blood sighed as the romantic couple married because nothing is better than your on-screen fav couple getting married ‘for real’.

With Anna Paquin pregnant, all of us that are hooked on the Blood cannot wait to see their uber cute baby. Even their co-stars are spouting cute comments.

Ryan Kwanten was quoted saying,

“{They}are going to make amazing parents!””They have a real lust for life.Yes, they’re adults, but they’re both very young at heart. I would love to be raised in that household!

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/true-bloods-ryan-kwanten-anna-paquin-and-stephen-moyer-will-make-amazing-parents-2012106#ixzz1xQk8GTEO

Bring on the pregnant Paquin, the edible Skarsgard and the forever brooding, class-act Stephen Moyer. I have my true blood t-shirt I got at ComicCon and I’m raring to go.

Will you be watching?

True Blood Will Proceed to Consume You In 3…2…1…

(Happily stolen from the genius known as George Takei)

Oh yes. Our favorite ign’nint, blond, fairy (WTF?!) southern waitress and crew are about to come back into our lives. Sookie will continue to be ‘Fuckin’ Sookeh’, Bill will be moody and lie, Eric will look sexy while he cheats the vampire community and ‘loves’ Sookeh and Lafayette will turn into a possessed demon, bitch medium, shaman….well bitch.

Not to mention some surprises the writers have like Russell Edginton, who is by far my favorite antagonist. Also he was REALLY messed up in ‘American Horror Story’.

Tune in on your flatscreen for the mayhem on JUNE, 10th for fangbangin’ fuckery!

I’ll be streaming this and screaming at my TV like the rest of you.