Fluoro, Te Adoro! On Trend for SS2012

I’ve tried to avoid the fluorescent trend this summer labeling it as 90’s throwback and ‘too bold’ for me. I’ve sneered and jeered at it and thought it was a Forever 21 ‘youth’ trend for people 16 and under.

Until about 2 days ago when I saw the cutest fluorescent pink shoes on my girl Sophie Dee.

I still can’t believe it was my mouth saying, “OMG I love those!”

I’ve found fluorescent’s to actually be appealing and the perfect bold accessory. An accent to a scintillating LBD. Rocking the itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny, bikini at a pool party, and even better, the runway.

-Too pretty, to pass up

I think my past trauma with fluorescent ‘Jams’ and splatter paint everything from the late 80s-early 90s, can AND will be overcome this summer. After all I was only a child at the time and I think I blocked most of it out. Some people forget their clothes at school, I dream of bad clothes.

For hopping on this hot trend this summer since I need baby steps I recommend starting with pretty shoes, bright colors.

I completely endorse this as a great way to find your comfort zone with Neon and Fluorescent trends. It’s bold and daring without being overbearing. Dontcha think? Also I am still shaky on the whole Neon thing and want to try it with sexy skirts, shorts or jeans.

BUT…THIS is what really did the convincing.

Even Fergie looks good in brilliant beautiful neon orange.

2012 Grammy awards and working it!

I cannot stand the Ferg. It’s nothing personal but she just reeks of ew, bad outfits and I don’t even want to think about her and Josh Duhamel together. *shudder*

Her saving grace? She just made me like fluorescent in fashion.

If she looks this good in fluorescent orange, I’m sold. Her often eccentric fashion choices (except for anything Gareth Pugh) generally turn me off. This proves that fluorescent are the perfect sexy, summer accessory. A must for my next red carpet.

Sexy, alluring and definitely an attention grabber. Mix and match or just use it as an accent. Outta my way kittens! I have some 80s trauma that I need to get over. Fluorescent’s just found their way into my wardrobe.