Kami Shade Fashion Show Presented by W Magazine at Eden Hollywood. Backstage Exclusive.

Diva, Goddess and Fashion Designer Kami Shade. Recently gracing the pages of W Magazine (featuring her black one piece swimsuit) she is an emerging designer with an amazing presence and defining eye. She brings swaths of sequined material to life in a unique way that is both wicked and fun. More importantly totally wearable.

I was recently invited to attend a private and exclusive, invite-only show at Eden Hollywood. Eden Hollywood if you have not been is VERY exclusive. Being an SBE venue gives it an edge that makes an interior designers dream. Add Kami Shade designs and it was an enviable evening.

Eden Hollywood Ceiling Lamps. I was trying to be arty.

Check in was at 9:30 pm. Being media means that you don’t get to waltz in anytime. I did get there early with my roomie and luckily got to see some of the girls pre-show and take a photo or two.







Can I just say they are superstar’s. Between fitting the models, getting them all in air and make up and making sure everyone was happy and organized they were a cut above the rest.

We eventually were led back into the back area/VIP lounge where 2 of Kami’s assistants were working with the models.

While they took care of technical issues, i.e. the girls and I got to socialize a bit. The people working with Kami are astounding and generally greatly amusing….in a good way of course.





I also got to goof with some of the models.

Not all models are brainless and stuck up. In fact contrary to most of the (jealous) populations belief they are ridiculous and fun like the rest of us. (I hear the echo of a ‘Just Like Us’ article here)









UNLESS, they are working. Hair and make up is a must for runway so sit still….

Because if you move you could lose an eye darlings.

After make-up the back bathroom becomes full of girls trying out fits for best fit and Kami’s assistant were super stars while Kami worked with SBE on getting the runway show ready.

She was also super sweet about letting me take a full Diva picture of her. Talented and sexy!

I have to tell you it is incredibly tempting to jump in and help, or try on the clothes. But being a professional I managed to just hang out and not steal clothes like a backstage thief with the bombshells wearing Kami Shade and enjoy the evening instead.





















































It is interesting to watch the havoc at a runway show. It goes from social hour to run, jump and shake a tail feather. The havoc is amazing and the energy crackles backstage. It is straight 0 to 200 mph and there is no way not to love the chaos. It’s just pure fashion at it’s best.

I have to apologize to Kami for not covering her complete show as there was an issue with SBE club security not letting me out to view what I was covering. However I do have to thank David Bever at for the photos from the runway. They are fabulous.

I present the talented Kami Shade’s Runway show presented by W Magazine & David Bever.

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The best pat of Kami Shade’s fashion show for me though was seeing that she gives back. After the show Kami let the girls take a piece home. A real rarity for a designer and the best way to pay the models back for their hard work. And it was a fray! 

Cat fighting models trying to claim the outfits.

Kami Shade deserves major props. Not just for creating a line for women that are gorgeous, sexy with lines that define the body perfectly, but for all her hard work.

Kami Shade is indeed an emerging artist to watch, admire and buy from. Her work is powerful, trendy and grabs the eye. She does make clothing custom, so if you think ‘it won’t fit’, it will. She’s talented like that.

An exhausted Kami Shade and Diva D closed out the night with some high fashion looks.

Well played Kami Shade. I look forward to future shows and seeing you rise to the top